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Safeco Insurance Co. Fined $95,000 for Shortchanging Montana Auto Accident Victims

Insurer was accused of paying its own insurance customers and the Montanans involved in vehicle collisions with their customers less than what they were owed in certain mostly low-dollar vehicle collision claims.

No. 1 Reason Americans Want Self-Driving Cars: Cheap Insurance

Boston Group study indicates Americans want self-driving cars because they will save them money, not because they will save lots of time or ease their commute.

CARSTAR Announces Plans to Expand Insurance Relations Team

Move made as the result of record sales in 2014 and marked growth in DRP partnerships, says MSO.

PCI Blames Auto Body Shop Legislation for High Auto Insurance Costs in Rhode Island

Insurance association says 17 auto body shop bills passed over the last decade have Rhode Island consumers paying among the highest auto insurance premiums and auto body repair costs in the nation.

N.Y. Department of Financial Services Investigates Insurers’ Pricing Practices

Department concerned that insurers are charging higher premiums based on whether a consumer is less likely to notice, shop around or object.

Survey Finds Insurance Carriers Plan Increased Hiring for 2015

Firm’s findings reflect highest rate of companies set to hire since 2009.

State Farm Lists Top-Performing Shops First on B2B Website

State Farm has changed its repair facility locator on its consumer website to now rank Select Service shops based on performance scores as determined by State Farm in the geographic region the customer selects.