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West Virginia Woman Who Staged Vehicle Accident Convicted of Mail Fraud

A Fairmont, W.Va., woman is facing up to 20 years in prison after admitting that she staged a vehicle accident, faked injuries from the accident and filed false insurance claims that got her a $41,000 settlement.

How and Why Do Insurers Total Vehicles?

We’re finding that insurers are totaling vehicles when the damages are as low as 40 to 50 percent of the vehicle’s pre-loss value. How and why do insurers do this, and what rights do consumers have when it comes to keeping their vehicles?

Choosing an Auto Body Industry Consultant

Choosing a consultant for you and your company’s needs is like picking out a pair of shoes – you want one that fits the need you’re seeking and is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Can a Repairer Be Responsible for Part Failure?

Using any parts that are not properly tested for proven performance may expose you and your company to substantial liability, similar to a doctor or pharmacist who recommends or prescribes and/or dispenses potentially harmful and/or lethal medication.

Germany Aims to Make First Legal Framework for Self-Driving Cars

The laws attempt to deal with what some call the “Death Valley” of autonomous vehicles: the gray area between semi-autonomous and fully driverless cars that could delay the driverless future.

How to Get Insurers to Pay for Necessary Procedures and Parts

When the insurer refuses to provide for necessary procedures and parts, how can we get them to pay?

Is It Illegal to Deviate from an Insurer’s Estimate?

If an insurer pays a customer to do certain repairs and the customer doesn’t want certain things done, is it illegal for the collision repairer to not repair or replace something the insurer has paid for?

Who Polices Auto Insurer Call Centers?

I’ve lost many potential repairs due to State Farm’s strong-arm tactics steering customers to their choice of repair centers instead of the customer’s. So my question is, ‘Who, if anyone, polices these call centers?’

Insurance Refusal to Pay Storage Fees

We paid the towing fees to bring a customer’s classic vehicle to our facility for restoration. The customer declined to go ahead with the job. The vehicle has been in our possession since Dec. 8, 2014, and the customer has failed to pick up the vehicle. What can we do?

Another Party’s Negligence Caused My Rates to Go Up!

As a result of me making a claim through my own carrier, even though my wife was not at fault, I’ve been advised that we have lost our ‘Safe Driver’s Discount’ and will not be receiving the 25 percent annual discount we received for a period of the next three years. This doesn’t seem right. What can I do?

How Do I Get an Insurer to Pay for Proper Repairs?

The short answer is, you can’t make the insurance company do anything! Actually, the insurance company doesn’t owe your customer a single penny! Allow me to explain as briefly as possible.

Rhode Island House Passes Body Shop Classification Bill

H.B. 5491 would classify collision repair facilities into “A” and “B” categories and spell out rules for insurers’ labor rate surveys.