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Reader’s Choice: How Can We Stop Insurers Writing Estimates from Photos?

To me, there isn’t much difference between a photo-written estimate and a street-written estimate; they’re both inaccurate and will not be a basis for how I repair the vehicle.

Repairing Hail Damage

Determining the best and simplest method for repairing hail damage requires examining the methods available.

Reader’s Choice: How Do You Respond to, ‘We Don’t Pay for That?’

In a normal business world, the statement “We don’t pay for that” could never and probably would never be made. But our world is far from perfect, so let me walk you through my mindset when faced with that answer…or should I say “non-answer.”

Reader’s Choice: Why Is There So Much Apathy Toward Training and Attending Meetings in Our Industry?

When it comes to our industry, I believe there are some underlying issues and agendas that drive much of the apathy we see.

Why Didn’t the Airbags Deploy?

What makes airbags deploy in a collision is many times much different than people think. There are many reasons for them not to deploy in a crash, but one reason they do is the Delta-v, or a sudden change in velocity.

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