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Automotive Painting: It’s Still a Good Trade

I can think of no other industry where a young man or woman can start in an entry-level position and excel to an extremely comfortable living — without ever going to formal schooling or training.

AkzoNobel Podcast Reveals Need to Rethink Vehicle Refinishing

The podcast featured Michael Giarrizzo and Graham Threlfall discussing how body shops will need to operate in the future to survive.

SCRS Study Concludes Blend Time is Greater than Full Refinish

The SCRS has published the results of their blend study research project, concluding that blending, on average, took 31.59% more time than a full refinish.

Third Annual Hood Master Challenge a Success

The FinishMaster Team welcomed around 250 guests from all over the country to the Hood Master and PiN Master events, which shine a spotlight on the talent, skill and creativity of auto painters and collision students.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: A Final Overview

Paladin Industrial Coatings are the perfect coatings to defend, protect and enhance.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: Factory Pack Colors

Paladin’s 19 popular factory pack colors are offered in a 2K acrylic polyurethane technology.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: Clearcoat Options

Let’s take a look at 304 and 313 clear topcoat options for the Paladin Industrial Coatings line.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: Three Basecoats

Three basecoats for creating three different paint systems.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: 339 Epoxy Primer Base

Transtar’s 339 Epoxy Primer Base can be tinted using any of the more than 15,000 color formulas in the Paladin range. 

SprayMax to Showcase New UV System at SEMA

SprayMax will be showcasing its 1K and 2K aerosol lines as well as introducing their new UV system at the 2022 SEMA Show.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: A Solution, Not Just a Product Set

Transtar Autobody Technologies’ Paladin Industrial Coatings feature unique primers, bases, tinters and binders that work together seamlessly to allow Paladin to meet a range of requirements.

Paladin Industrial Coatings: A Global Focus on Color

Transtar Autobody Technologies’ Paladin Industrial Coatings currently offers more than 15,000 color formulations.