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Reader’s Choice – Corrosion Protection

“When repairing a vehicle, what is the best corrosion protection method to use?”
— Craig Chaffee, owner, Chaffee’s Autobody, Franklin, Mass.

Mobile Paint Repairs vs. Body Shop Paint Repairs

Body shops look at mobile painters as the enemy, stealing precious work away from them. But realizing the benefits these painters offer could change their perspectives.

It’s a Dirty Job

Dirt happens in the paint process. But there are some things you can do to keep it to a minimum and deliver the highest quality paint job to your customer.

Case Study: Paint Protection Profits

Case File #1 Problem: Declining profit margins Solution: Offering paint protection service Shop #1 name: House of Color Location: Missoula, Mont. Owner: Lee Frank Shop #2 name: Centers 3 Collision Repair Location: Lynnwood, Wash. Owner: Dan Gilfeather A new add-on service helped these shop owners boost their bottom lines. R ody shop owner Lee Frank

Fixing Paint Damage on Ford 500s and Mercury Montegos

A valued customer just visited your collision shop and pointed out that the paint is wearing off the rear quarter panel dogleg area of his 2005 Ford 500. You’ve seen this before and questioned the reasons behind it but never knew that Ford had published a repair procedure for it. This article describes the repair

Change is in the Air: Solvent-Based Paint to Waterborne Paint

Sooner, rather than later, it’s predicted the industry will transition from solvent-based paint to waterborne paint. And, as would be expected, there will be the usual amount of resistance and backlash. However, many in the industry are already embracing waterborne technology, whether forced by government regulation or of their own volition, and these pacesetters will

Spending Less Can Cost More

Our jobber meant well, but when he said we could save $100 per gallon on a cheaper clear, we actually ended up losing $2 per gallon.

Make Way for Waterborne

The use of waterborne paint by body shops will soon be mandated in California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District. The technology is likely to reach everyone some day, so here’s what you need to know.

No Scuff ’n Shoot Here

The mindset that car refinishing is easy seems to be spreading throughout the industry. But there are no shortcuts to perfect paint jobs, and thorough prep work is essential to a lasting, quality repair.

Blend vs. Full Paint

“Why is blend time 50 percent of the time as full paint time?”

Quest for Metallic Control

Though most painters don’t like to admit it, they struggle with metallics. But if we slow down a little and anticipate problems before they arise, those redos will be few and
far between.