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When Did the Collision Industry Become Full of Nerds?

Scanning and recalibration has transformed us from cool guys with cigarettes rolled up in our sleeves fixing cars to computer nerds.

Software Update Apathy

If you wince when you hear the phrase “software update,” you are not alone.

Automotive, Mobility Leaders Publish Framework For Safe Automated Driving Systems

Eleven companies from the automotive and technology sectors have published “Safety First for Automated Driving” (SaFAD), a non-binding organized framework for the development, testing and validation of safe automated passenger vehicles.

New Studies Highlight Driver Confusion About Automated Systems

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released two new studies that highlight driver misperceptions and lack of understanding related to autonomous driving features.

Argo AI, Ford Launch Third-Gen of Self-Driving Test Vehicles

Argo AI, Ford’s hub for developing its automated driving system, has launched its third-generation of self-driving test vehicles in Detroit.

The Next Blizzard of Collision Industry Acronyms

Each of the changes in car construction, finish quality, environmental regulations and passenger safety were all ushered in on a tsunami of scary acronyms: SAI, HSS, BC/CC, HAPS, HVLP, ABS and now SDV. But what do they mean?

Toyota Invests Additional $1B in Uber Autonomous Division

The investment will be funding Uber’s autonomous vehicle division, with the goal of implementing hardware and software for these vehicles both cheaply and at scale.

Study: Hacked Autonomous Cars Would Cause Chaos

A new study suggests that autonomous cars may not only make traffic worse but also cause mass chaos if hacked, according to an Inverse article.

Porsche to Use Augmented Reality Glasses for Repairs

Porsche recently announced that they are literally changing the way industry professionals look at repairs, with new augmented-reality glasses.

I-CAR CEO John Van Alstyne Discusses ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles at AV Summit

“Advanced vehicle technologies are not only changing the way collision repair facilities operate, they are also impacting insurers, OEMs and suppliers,” said Van Alstyne.

Ohio Governor Gives Green Light to Autonomous-Vehicle Testing

The executive order authorizes researchers to test on Ohio roadways as long as their vehicles meet certain safety requirements and are capable of complying with Ohio traffic regulations.

Hyundai Invests in Developer of Intelligent Radars for Autonomous Vehicles

“A new radar system that can increase resolution and accuracy with an AI engine will be a disruptive technology,” said John Suh, vice president of Hyundai CRADLE.