Bud Center, Author at BodyShop Business
I-CAR Expanding Technical Expertise, Capacity and Capabilities

I-CAR recently announced plans to significantly expand its technical expertise, capacity and capabilities amid an era of extraordinary change in vehicle technology.

Auto Body Repair: Rivet Bonding Basics

Bud Center of I-CAR discusses the basics of rivet bonding, a growing technical area of collision repair work.

Auto Refinish: Accepting the Challenge

In order to overcome refinishing challenges, one must first understand the issues encountered.

Electric Vehicles: High-Voltage Safety Systems

Knowing and understanding the safety systems that are used on HV vehicles is not only important for safety but to help ensure a complete, safe and quality repairs.

EV Batteries: Design, Function and Handling

Knowledge of HV batteries, OEM procedures and special tools are all important to ensure a complete, safe and quality repair.

Electric Vehicles: Initial Inspection and Handling

The initial intake or receiving of an electric vehicle is a critical part of the repair process that requires that important steps be followed.

Electric Vehicles: HV Tools & Equipment

Having the right tools is the first step when working with high-voltage systems; knowing how to properly use them is the next one.

EV Safety: Battery Precautions & Welding Considerations

Safety precautions take on a whole new meaning in collision repair as they relate to hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) or battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Ready to Jump-Start your BEV/HEV Game?

Battery electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle repair can be a potential new revenue stream for your shop, but there are some important factors to consider first.