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Publisher’s Perspective: Danger, Will Robinson!

Choose what your businesses’ focus is going to be and focus on that. Become obsessed with that and stay on it. Keep an eye out for dramatic changes in the marketplace, but only react if it’s a game changer for your direction.

Publisher’s Perspective: Sometimes You Have to Set Aside the Urgent

Our world is full of things to make our lives more interesting and easier. The trouble is we all have one thing in common: There are only 24 hours in a day.

Publisher’s Perspective: Do You Have the Passion?

Peugeot’s decision to kill the RCZ was probably an excellent financial decision, but it made me sad nonetheless.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s An Awesome Responsibility

Every day when we send a vehicle back out on the road, it carries with it a tremendous responsibility.

Publisher’s Perspective: We Have Hit the Big Time

The aftermath of the Anderson Cooper 360 report.

Publisher’s Perspective: One Big Number

Our best defense against this enormous spending is to support our associations and get involved.

Publisher’s Perspective: Give Me Just One!

Stick to one goal, and make sure it’s attainable. And send it to me. I’ll make it a point to follow up with you to see how you do.

Publisher’s Perspective: Make Mine Certified, Please…

Congratulations goes to Darin Morrison of Ankeny, Iowa, whose score on four different components of the collision category of the ASE certification test ranked him the highest in the nation this year.

Sometimes I Forget

A 1906 Baker electric. A 1939 Ford Roadster. The Art Arfons Salt Flats jet car known as the “Green Monster.” When a local car lover opened his collection to the public, I was reminded of automobiles’ importance and the enduring place they hold in our country.

It’s SEMA Time Again!

Another SEMA Show is upon us. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. With a very successful NACE behind us, it’s time to travel to Las Vegas for a week packed with everything automotive. The combination of SEMA and AAPEX makes for a jam-packed automotive gathering, and I’m sure this year will

It’s Time for NACE/CARS!

The big show is at the end of this month, so start planning your trip to the Motor City today.

Is Your Shop a Good Place to Work?

People are your most valuable resource, so make sure you foster a work environment that’s enjoyable and efficient.