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Is Your Employees’ Hearing Protected? (VIDEO)

Ignoring proper hearing protection has lifelong consequences for your employees.

Introduction to the PPG Knowledge College (VIDEO)

Jason Stahl and Robb Power of PPG discuss the PPG Knowledge College online learning management system.

Are Your Employees Protected from the Elements? (VIDEO)

How to identify the signs and symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia in your employees.

Do You Have a Plan for ADAS? (VIDEO)

Addressing vehicles with ADAS at your shop starts with a well thought-out plan.

Do You Fall Prey to Wash Bay Diagnostics? (VIDEO)

Are you troubleshooting electronics when the car is in the wash bay?

Understanding Vehicle Sensor Angle (VIDEO)

Learn why the angle of vehicle sensors such as radar and cameras is critical to how they “see”.

The Importance of a Vehicle Pre-Scan (VIDEO)

Learn why it’s important to perform a pre-repair scan on every vehicle you repair.

Reasons Why Vehicle Calibrations Are Not Done (VIDEO)

The four most common reasons collision repairers give for why they did not perform a vehicle calibration.

The Current State of Auto Body Consolidation (VIDEO)

Where do we now stand with the buying and selling of collision repair facilities?

The Importance of Measuring Today’s Vehicles (VIDEO)

With the introduction of exotic metals in today’s vehicles, the way collision energy is absorbed in the vehicle structure has changed.

5 Trends Impacting the P&C Insurance Industry in 2022 (VIDEO)

From ADAS to the changing work landscape, these five trends will impact the property & casualty insurance industry in 2022.

The Importance of a Year-End Review (VIDEO)

Do you sit down with your team at the end of the year to assess your successes and failures?