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Never Lose Sight of the Goal

Giving away business? In today’s competitive and consolidating marketplace, how could such a thing happen?

Is That a Carrot In Your Fuel Tank?

What’s 3 feet high, runs off fermented kitchen and garden products, and can go from 0 to 60 in six seconds? No it’s not the neighbor’s dog that habitually goes through your trash can late at night and chases after cars during the day. It’s the Advantage R1, the world’s first sports car to run on rotting vegetables.

Letters to the Editors

The Need for Speed Dear Mr. Bailey: I liked your article in the August issue of BodyShop Business [Supervising Smarts, pg. 20]. I’ve watched the industry turn in the unfortunate direction of the almighty dollar for quite awhile now, and I wish there were more techs out there like you who cared about the quality

If You Do It, Charge For It, Part II

Unless you’re running a non-profit organization, you need to write complete estimates and charge for all materials used. You say it’s not worth the time or hassle for the pittance you’ll gain? Then how about making out that check for 40 grand to me?

Body Shop Fraud: A Question of Intent

A New Jersey body shop customer has some questions that no one, it seems, wants to answer.

United We Stand

Never forget and never go back.

Capitalize on Cold Weather

A mild winter doesn’t have to bring a chilling end to your shop’s profits and steady workload. By adding seasonal profit centers and specialized winter service, you’ll boost your bottom line and customer relations.

10 Steps For Delivering a Lean, Mean, Clean Machine

When you carefully detail vehicles, customers are reassured the entire repair was equally well done. In fact, their satisfaction will increase by as much as 40 percent if their vehicles are truly sparkling clean on delivery.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

If you want to close the sale, you need more than a well-written estimate and a “Give us a call if you decide to schedule it.” You need to develop a system tailored to customer needs and train your estimators and front desk personnel to sell.

Why DRPs are Unprofitable for UK Bodyshops

Market facts & business information.

Hey! Didn’t You Used to Work for Me?

Too bad someone out there doesn’t have a collision industry crystal ball – filled with answers about where future technicians are going to come from and the secrets of hiring and retaining them.

Yes, I Do Own the Road

Accustomed to California driving.