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Insurance Refusal to Pay Storage Fees

We paid the towing fees to bring a customer’s classic vehicle to our facility for restoration. The customer declined to go ahead with the job. The vehicle has been in our possession since Dec. 8, 2014, and the customer has failed to pick up the vehicle. What can we do?

From the VP: When Is It Time to Seek Outside Help?

You just can’t take any more. Things are falling apart, employees aren’t responding, work quality suffers, money gets tight…so thinking of bringing someone in to help fix things is the last thing on your mind right now. Who can afford it?

Web Presence Management: Google Changes Everything (Yet Again)

Google changes search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms more often than most of us change undershorts. This time, Google has pulled the rug out from under business Google+.

Paint Shop Math

Owners and managers at every level in every business need to track and chart some numbers. Which numbers would work for charting paint and material (P&M) costs?

Publisher’s Perspective: Don’t Do This to Them

Do not let inefficiencies or sales programs get in the way of your customer being able to use fresh product.

Editor’s Notes: Back to School

I did something the other day for the first time: I took an I-CAR class online. And it was really fun!

How They Work: Spray Guns

Since it’s the paint that most people see first, spray guns are a critical part of the ability to deliver a flawless finish back to our customers.

Technical: Plastic Repair

Since the cost of plastic repair equipment is relatively low, the return on investment is fairly quick. So take a look at adhesive plastic repair and plastic welding.

Technical: Aluminum – Just Another Change

The collision industry has faced and adapted to many changes over the years, and aluminum is just the latest one.

Carbon Fiber Structural Repair – Black Magic?

Carbon fiber repair can be done, and the aviation industry has proven that with tested techniques. Here’s what you need to know on the auto body side.

Management: Taking Charge

Instead of complaining and focusing on what you can’t change, why not focus on the things you can change?

Another Party’s Negligence Caused My Rates to Go Up!

As a result of me making a claim through my own carrier, even though my wife was not at fault, I’ve been advised that we have lost our ‘Safe Driver’s Discount’ and will not be receiving the 25 percent annual discount we received for a period of the next three years. This doesn’t seem right. What can I do?