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ABRA’s SpringBoard Apprentice Program Bringing Techs into the Auto Body Industry

ABRA Auto Body & Glass’ SpringBoard apprentice program at its Career Development Academy takes a new approach to the apprentice program format.

Publisher’s Perspective: Auto Body Tech Shortage Follow-up

There are 250 million vehicles out there, and they’re not going to fix themselves. There’s a future here. Let’s get out and support organizations that promote our industry.

Technical: Change Keeps Coming

With car manufacturers scrambling to meet the CAFE regulations, change will not slow down anytime soon. So we need to stay current on repair recommendations.

Editor’s Notes: A Riveting Tale

One of our readers recently reached out for help regarding the repair of a Ford F-150, and the assistance he received from fellow shop owners was very encouraging to me.

Where Have All the Auto Body Technicians Gone Part 2

The traditional ways of getting technicians are not keeping up with the demand of today’s shops. What do we as an industry need to do to draw young people into this trade? Part 2 of a 2-part series.

How and Why Do Insurers Total Vehicles?

We’re finding that insurers are totaling vehicles when the damages are as low as 40 to 50 percent of the vehicle’s pre-loss value. How and why do insurers do this, and what rights do consumers have when it comes to keeping their vehicles?

Web Presence Management: 2017 Resolutions for Your Web Presence

Here’s my annual challenge to set New Year’s resolutions for your business and tackle some important issues related to your business’s overall web presence.

Comparing the Collision Industry of the Past to Today

I hunted down a bunch of old friends and customers who were still repairing or repainting collision damage every day to get their take on what industry changes have been good and which things were better back in the day. Here’s what they had to say.

OE Certification: Industry Perspective

Collision repairers, association heads and other industry leaders talk about the trend of OE certification and whether or not becoming certified is critical to survival.

Choosing an Auto Body Industry Consultant

Choosing a consultant for you and your company’s needs is like picking out a pair of shoes – you want one that fits the need you’re seeking and is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Cover Story: Priming Pinchwelds

There’s a lot more to installing glass than you think, such as properly prepping the steel and aluminum. With all shops offering a lifetime warranty on repairs, it’s important to follow the proper procedures.

Web Presence Management: Aloha! The Tale of a New Business and Their Web Presence

A brand-new auto body shop based in Hawaii shares its experience with how important it is for a business to have an effective presence online.