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Seeing Is Believing

Understanding solvency, blending and spray gun adjustments were all possible by listening or reading, but none were nearly as clear as seeing them demonstrated.

Publisher’s Perspective: Wait…the Future is Not the Future?

Last month, there was article after article about Tesla’s falling stock price, and several issues were cited as the cause. Does that mean the future value of electric vehicle manufacturing may be in question? I don’t think so.

Editor’s Notes: It’s That Time

My son’s got car fever, it’s all he can think about, and he wants it right now.

Management: You’ve Got Personality

There are a lot of personalities to deal with in your shop. Here’s how to make them all see your way of success.

Technical: Keeping Safe With New Materials

New substrates in today’s vehicles are creating new safety hazards. Here’s how to protect yourself.

The Tech Shortage

Some of the same workforce issues that existed 10 years ago exist today, but the industry has stepped up its efforts to solve them.

Health & Safety: Shop Sustainability – Why and How

Learning how to decrease your shop’s energy usage while potentially increasing revenue can be a huge benefit for any business.

Replace or Not Replace?

When a question to repair or replace arises, especially one where distinct liability concerns exist, I firmly believe that if one is to err, they should err on the side of caution.

Montana Body Shop Hits It Big on Social Media with Stuffed Dog

Big Sky Collision’s marketing campaign results in increasing Facebook likes from 107 to over 1,000 and makes them a household name in their market area.

Kickstart the Process with an Accurate Estimate

An accurate prediction of the parts required and the flat-rate labor times allowed plus the not-included and judgment-time damage are key to a smooth repair for everyone.

Publisher’s Perspective: 2016 – What’s Next?

Now is the time to map out your actions for 2016 to get some of your goals accomplished. With no map and no plan, who knows where you’ll end up?

Editor’s Notes: What Would Your Business Look Like If Disney Ran It?

While Disney World and the auto body business might seem light years apart, there are several lessons the auto body industry can learn from the “happiest place on earth.”