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PUBLISHER’S PERSPECTIVE: Come In, the Water’s Great!

Judging by the above headline, I’m sure you can guess that my column this month is about the upcoming 2009 BodyShop Business Waterborne Conference (Aug. 13-14). This is an exciting initiative, and we here at BSB are looking forward to playing host to those of you who decide to join us. This will be the

EDITOR’S NOTES: Web Site Version 2…for You!

Cosmetic surgery seems all the rage these days. I must confess I just don’t get it. To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than being natural. When it comes to Web sites, however, I think an occasional facelift is necessary, and that’s exactly what we’ve done recently to www.bodyshopbusiness.com. When we relaunched the Web site a


Let the wind carry you to the first-ever BodyShop Business Waterborne Conference and you’ll be sure to shove off with all the information you need on low-VOC basecoats, the next big change in the collision repair industry.

LEAN & MEANER: Think Throughput

Developing a throughput mind is essential to successfully becoming lean, increasing the speed of your process and widening the gap between costs
and sales.

PROFIT CENTER: Hinging on Profits

Replacing worn door hinge bushings on 1999-2007 GM trucks and SUVs can
represent a viable new profit stream.

TECH FEATURE: Brazing is Back

With its small heat affect zone (HAZ), MIG brazing has become the procedure of choice when recommended for high-strength steels.

COVER STORY: Brand on the Brain

Want to get consumers thinking about your shop all the time? The key is to create a marketing plan that emphasizes repetition and consistency.