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VIDEO: Technician Scanning/Recalibrating Skills

The importance of a technician’s skills when scanning and recalibrating a vehicle.

Life beyond Sublets: In-Shop Scanning, Diagnostics & Calibrations Done Right

To illustrate just how specialized OEM-specific scanning, diagnostics and calibrations have become, we posed as consumers and randomly contacted a number of dealership service departments across the country to see if they had the tools and skills necessary to service a vehicle not under their banner. Their responses were enlightening, below is just a sampling:

VIDEO: Increasing Touch Time

Strategies to increase touch time, or the amount of time in a day you’re actually working on any given vehicle.

VIDEO: Preventing the Spread of COVID-19, Part 2

Eight more ways to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

VIDEO: Preventing the Spread of COVID-19, Part 1

New guidance from OSHA on mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

VIDEO: The Future of Plastic Parts

Why the number of plastic parts in vehicles is growing and what this means to the operations of a collision repair facility.

VIDEO: What Equipment Do You Need to Work on Electric Vehicles?

Tools and equipment collision repair facilities need to properly work on high-voltage systems.

VIDEO: Electric Vehicle Safety

Battery precautions and welding safety tips when repairing electric vehicles.

AirPro Diagnostics Enters into Exclusive Agreement with Spanesi North America

AirPro Diagnostics will offer its diagnostic and ADAS calibrations technology solutions to Spanesi current and prospective customers as part of the “Spanesi 360° Concept” offering.

VIDEO: Repairing Electric Vehicles

General information body shops need to know before repairing BEVs and HEVs.

VIDEO: Are You Ready to Do Calibrations?

Think you’re ready to do ADAS recalibrations? Think again.

AirPro Enters Licensing Agreement with Auto Techcelerators

AirPro Diagnostics can now integrate Auto Techcelerators’ ADAS, Calibration and Test Drive CoPilot technologies into its diagnostic and calibration services platform.