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Electric Vehicle Repair: 12V Battery and TPMS

What is the proper way to jumpstart an EV? And why are the tires on a Tesla one of the first things that will need to be replaced?

Clore Automotive Introduces New PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger

The new PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger Model PL3740 delivers battery charging and engine starting to battery maintenance and power supply support for a variety of applications.

Clore Automotive Introduces Updated PRO-LOGIX Battery Charger

The new battery charger utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to deliver a fully automatic, precisely controlled charging routine to optimally charge and maintain each battery serviced.

Clore Automotive Introduces Intelligent Battery Charger

Clore Automotive has introduced a new 12-volt 20/10/2A Intelligent Battery Charger with Engine Start Assistance, model no. PL2545, from SOLAR.

Scanning and Battery Support: It’s All About Power

A vehicle comes into your shop and you want to run a pre-repair scan. The vehicle’s battery is where you will get power to diagnose with a scan tool in the OBD port. So what if the battery is low on charge?

Slowdown in Growth Rate of Miles Driven Influencing U.S. Automotive Aftermarket, NPD Group Says

In the 12 months through May 2017, miles driven grew by 1.8 percent, equating to an annual increase of almost 55 billion miles. The year prior, miles driven grew at a rate of 82 billion miles.

New PRO-LOGIX 2A x 4 Channel Battery Maintenance Station from SOLAR

The PRO-LOGIX PL4020 utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to precisely deliver a fully automatic charging routine designed to optimally charge and maintain each battery serviced.

New Snap-on Wireless Battery System Tester

The EECS550 works on standard AGM, GEL, and EFB batteries and features patented conductance technology for battery systems ranging from 6-24 volts and rated 100-2,000 CCA.