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Are ADAS Systems Actually Preventing Crashes?

Are there any organizations that are tracking if ADAS systems are actually preventing crashes?

NHTSA Issues Finalized Rule on Automatic Emergency Braking

The rule makes automatic emergency braking and pedestrian AEB standard on all passenger cars and light trucks weighing up to 10,000 lbs. by September 2029.  

NTSB Chair Praises NHTSA Action on AEB Final Rule

Jennifer Homendy lauded the new standard requiring all new passenger cars and light trucks to have automatic emergency braking and pedestrian AEB systems.

New Study Released on Drowsy Driving

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that an estimated 17.6% of all fatal crashes from 2017-2021 involved a drowsy driver.

Auggie Calibrations Meet IIHS, NHTSA Standards

AirPro Diagnostics announced that its Auggie mobile static recalibration device has been independently tested and met IIHS and NHTSA vehicle requirements.

NTSB Chair Comments on FCW Requirement on New Heavy Vehicles

A notice of proposed rulemaking would require that many new heavy vehicles above 10,000 pounds have forward collision avoidance systems.

NHTSA Proposes AEB Requirements for New Vehicles

The proposed rule is expected to dramatically reduce crashes associated with pedestrians and rear-end crashes. 

NTSB: NHTSA Data on ADAS Systems Should be Standardized

NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy said data recently released by NHTSA on ADAS and automated driving systems is a welcome first step in NHTSA’s efforts to protect the public from potential safety risks involving these systems.

NHTSA Orders Crash Reporting for Vehicles Equipped with ADAS

Agency uses authority to gather additional information necessary to increase transparency and improve safety of new and emerging in-vehicle technologies.

NHTSA Launches Influencer Campaign to Educate Drivers on ADAS

The U.S. DOT has launched a new series of safety videos demonstrating for the public the potential lifesaving benefits of several ADAS systems available in many new vehicles.

NHTSA Issues Rule to Modernize Driverless Vehicle Safety

The rule amends several crashworthiness regulations to clarify safety standards for automated vehicles equipped without manual driver controls.

NHTSA Announces Update on AEB Installation by Automakers

Ten automakers are already installing AEB in all new passenger vehicles, three years ahead of schedule.