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OEM Dealerships: Friend or Foe?

Insurers seeking out and using misinformation obtained from dealer repairers in order to deny consumers OEM-recommended repair procedures has become more commonplace.

Reader’s Choice: Required Vehicle Safety Inspections

If we are going to agree that inspections are needed when a collision occurs, then we should all be on the same page on what that means.

HD Repair Forum to Showcase OEMs and Insurers

The HD Repair Forum announced that it will once again be showcasing OEMs and insurers and their involvement in the heavy-duty collision industry at their conference April 18-19 in Forth Worth, Texas.

Data Detectives: AirPro Diagnostics Unlocks the Mysteries of ADAS

By Joel Gausten  Anyone who turns the key to the door of a body shop these days is fully aware that automotive technology is accelerating at a mind-boggling pace ─ especially when it comes to ADAS diagnostics and calibrations. Many facilities find it overwhelming to stay abreast of the equipment, training and expertise necessary to

Right Techs, Right Time: AirPro Diagnostics’ Brand Specialists Change the ADAS Game

By Joel Gausten Several issues often keep independent shop owners up at night, but staying on top of evolving scanning, diagnostic and ADAS calibration technologies doesn’t have to be one of them. As more independent collision repair facilities implement in-house diagnostic and calibration services, many acknowledge that it’s okay not to know everything – and

To Repair or Replace Plastic Parts? That is the Ultimate Question, and Depending on How You Answer May Help Your Bottom Line.

Many OEM trends affect the way we make repairs in the market today—from complicated electronics and accident avoidance systems and sensors to vehicle designs with lighter weight, dissimilar metals, and plastics. Keeping up with all these industry trends, required trainings, ongoing certifications and proper maintenance of standard operating procedures can be challenging for collision repair

Honda Appoints Assistant Manager of Certified Collision Programs

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has appointed John Chambers as assistant manager of the ProFirst Certified Collision and Honda and Acura Certified Collision programs.

OEM Repair Procedures: The New Normal

Due to sophisticated electronics and exotic materials in vehicles today, following OEM repair procedures should become a way of life for repairers.

Streamlining Translucent Color Replication

Color is art. Color is science. Color is emotion. Color is complex. And to every person from the automaker to the auto owner, color is very important.

Aptiv, Hyundai to Form Autonomous Driving Joint Venture

The joint venture plans to advance the design, development and commercialization of SAE Level 4 and 5 autonomous technologies.

Toyota Offers Opt-in, Usage-Based Auto Insurance

Toyota Insurance Management Solutions (TIMS) has launched a usage-based insurance program for owners of their cars.

VW, Porsche to Recall 227,000 Cars Over Airbag, Seatbelt Issues

Volkswagen and Porsche have to recall around 227,000 cars due to problems with airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners, said Germany’s Stuttgarter Zeitung, according to an article by Reuters.