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Urethane Supply Company Hires West Coast Sales Rep

Jose Heded will represent the company in California, Arizona and Nevada, and will be able to provide training based on Urethane Supply’s I-CAR Industry Training Alliance course across his territory.

Urethane Supply Company Appoints New Sales Representative for the Northeast

Michael Koren, who has more than 35 years of experience in the collision repair industry, will represent the company in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Urethane Supply Company Appoints New Sales Representative for Pacific Northwest

Bob Bryant will represent the company’s interests in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii.

Urethane Supply Company Qualifies Three New Instructors for I-CAR Course

Kurt Zimmerman and Ray Cahill, both of Upstate Auto Body Warehouse of Rochester, N.Y., and Adam Fulton of BASF Body Shop Mall of Toronto will now teach “Introduction to Nitrogen Plastic Welding.”

Technical: Plastic Repair

Since the cost of plastic repair equipment is relatively low, the return on investment is fairly quick. So take a look at adhesive plastic repair and plastic welding.

Urethane Supply Company Hires New I-CAR Instructors for Plastic Repair Course

Ben Else and Darrin Mitchell will now be able to teach “Introduction to Nitrogen Plastic Welding” at shops in Oregon, Utah, Idaho, western Colorado and western Wyoming.

Urethane Supply Announces New Instructors for I-CAR Nitrogen Plastic Welding Course

Bob Zelano (Florida), Lupe Hererra (Texas), Peter Vann (Southern California) and Steven Dike (Missouri) will present the three-hour “Introduction to Nitrogen Plastic Welding” course right in shops for up to three technicians.

Zap Away Static

New Stat-Gun plugs right into the existing air supply, discharging a powerful ion stream that neutralizes the car’s electrical charge as it clears away dust.

Plastic Repair System

The Magna-Stitcher Plastic Repair System welds a rigid stainless steel stake into a plastic surface, resulting in a permanent repair of the crack.

Permanently Repair Cracks

The Magna-Stitcher welds a rigid stainless steel stake into the surface of a plastic part, resulting in a permanent repair of the crack.

Dent Fix Unveils America’s First Cordless Hot Stapler at NACE

Lightweight construction and no cord give the technician ultimate maneuverability and agility.

Turn Stud Welder Into Plastic Repair Tool

The Magna Stitcher fits all popular stud welders and can repair spoilers, bumpers, headlamp brackets and any thermoplastic part.