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Reader’s Choice: Required Vehicle Safety Inspections

If we are going to agree that inspections are needed when a collision occurs, then we should all be on the same page on what that means.

Auto Body Safety: What Do These Acronyms Stand For?

Do you know what ANSI, NFPA and NIOSH stand for?

Setting the Standard: ANSI, NFPA and NIOSH

Have you heard of ANSI, NFPA and NIOSH? Here’s what you need to know about these organizations that exist to keep people safe in the workplace.

Is Your Employees’ Hearing Protected? (VIDEO)

Ignoring proper hearing protection has lifelong consequences for your employees.

Shop Safety: Avoiding the Worst-Case Scenario (VIDEO)

Have you made your shop as safe as possible to avoid the worst-case scenario — the death of an employee?

Worker Death: What Went Wrong?

In March 2021, a 43-year-old worker at a vehicle aluminum parts manufacturer in Ohio was struck and killed by a machine’s barrier door. What went wrong?

Preventing Fires in Your Auto Body Shop, Part 2 (VIDEO)

BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl offers four more tips on how to prevent a fire in your collision repair facility.

Preventing Fires in Your Auto Body Shop (VIDEO)

BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl offers tips on how to prevent a fire in your collision repair facility.

How to Avoid a Fire at Your Auto Body Shop

Eight tips from GMG EnviroSafe to help you prevent fires in your auto repair facility.

CCAR Announces New Logos

CCAR announced the launch of new logos for their primary corporate image, as well as for their online HazmatU training programs.

Suburban Manufacturing Introduces New Hose Bundle Label

The Sidewinder Signal Sleeve eliminates the need to manually label or mark sleeves or hoses.

Driving Excellence Through Industry Certification

Certification should be a lifelong objective for auto technicians and body shops, says Steve Leal, President & CEO, Fix Network World Over the past five years, I have been quite vocal on several global forums and social media campaigns about the need for body shops to be certified. This is a hot topic that will