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Volvo Cars to Feature LiDAR Starting in 2022

Volvo Cars has announced that it is partnering with tech firm Luminar to provide their LiDAR and perception technology for Volvo’s next-generation cars.

Volvo Car USA Launches Post-Accident Guidance Service

Volvo drivers will now have access to Volvo Car Accident Advisor, the first mobile, post-accident experience that will help guide them after an accident, including finding body shops.

Volvo to Introduce Speed Limiter on All New Vehicles

Volvo has announced that it will introduce a 112-mph speed limiter on all new vehicles to increase its safety credentials and continue to work towards eliminating passenger fatalities by 2020, according to an article from Reuters.

Volvo Issues Position Statement on Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

Volvo has released a position statement that requires pre- and post-repair scanning on all model years 1996 and beyond.

NTSB: Automated Emergency Braking Wasn’t Enabled Prior to Uber Crash that Killed Pedestrian

At 1.3 seconds before hitting the pedestrian, the vehicle’s self-driving system determined that emergency braking was needed to mitigate a collision, according to NTSB.

Cloud-Based Telematics Service Enables Volvo Cars, Trucks to Share Traffic Information with Each Other

Volvo said it developed Connected Safety to send alerts to nearby connected vehicles whenever a driver activates the vehicle’s hazard warning lights.

Team AkzoNobel Join Employees to Add Splash of Color to Community in China

Sailors from Team AkzoNobel joined company employees and residents from a neighborhood in downtown Guangzhou, China, to unveil a special mural created by the winner of a student design competition.

Volvo Makes I-CAR Gold a Requirement for Certified Collision Repair Program

Auto body shops will need to have I-CAR Gold Class status to qualify for the Volvo Certified Collision Facility Program, I-CAR said.

Kangaroos Confound Driverless Cars in Australia

Despite all the hype and the billions of dollars pouring into R&D of self-driving vehicles, the Australian kangaroo is proving that nature can be a formidable foe for even the most advanced manmade technology.

Autoliv, Volvo, Nvidia to Develop Advanced Systems for Self-Driving Cars

Autoliv and Volvo Car Corp. said they will work with the Santa Clara, Calif.-based artificial-intelligence firm Nvidia to develop next-generation self-driving car technologies, with a target to bring Level 4 autonomous driving to the market by 2021.

AkzoNobel Partners with Volvo Ocean Race in Fight Against Plastic Pollution

In an effort to “turn the tide on plastic,” the partnership will focus on educating people about plastic use and protecting our oceans.

Diverse Lineup to Comprise Team AkzoNobel in Volvo Ocean Race

Skipper Simeon Tienpont has named the eight sailors who will join him to represent Team AkzoNobel in the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race, which starts in October.