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VIDEO: I-CAR 2014 Initiatives

I-CAR CEO and President John Van Alstyne discussed the organization’s planned initiatives for 2014 at the Collision Industry Conference Jan. 16-17, 2014.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

After five months of trying to implement kaizen at a high-production shop, I’m back to the beginning, fighting fires non-stop. What did I do wrong? Read and find out. Part II in a series.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

We asked several body shop owners what industry issues are keeping them from getting a good night’s rest. Their answers may (or may not) surprise you.

The Shop: Jacob Nossaman of Collision Works

The owner of this Oklahoma City-based shop talks fast boats and dune buggies.

Butler County Ford Body Shop Offers a Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s a new year, and BodyShop Business Publisher Scott Shriber has a new column. His goal? To bring the interesting shops he visits while on the road to you. First up is Butler County Ford in Pennsylvania.

Used Car Dippers and Dead Cats

Short life spans on auto coatings once gave rise to a unique segment of collision repair: the “used car dipper.”

Google Is Not Calling

Beware of telemarketing companies who claim they can help boost your Google ranking.

Tech Tips: This Ain’t Your Father’s Collision Repair Industry

New vehicle construction materials, such as ultra high strength steel, plastics, composites and other materials, offer up challenges we didn’t have to deal with in the “good ol’ days.”

Profit in the Paint Shop Series: Sand Scratches and Pinholes

By identifying and understanding some of the causes of redos,
we can minimize their frequency and stop losing money.