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Fuji Spray Auto Back in Full Force at 2022 SEMA Show

Sponsored by Fuji Spray

The SEMA Show was back with a vengeance in 2022, even bigger and better than 2021 when it restarted after a pause in 2020 due to the worldwide pandemic. And Fuji Spray Auto was back in full force as well, with their first appearance at an automotive trade show since the pandemic!

The excitement was palpable at the Fuji Spray Auto booth, where they showcased their virtual reality (VR) refinishing experience for all curious onlookers to try out what it’s like to use Fuji Spray Auto’s MP-V8 spray gun in a realistic VR setting. The VR experience was a hit, especially with trade school students and instructors who could not get enough of the technology that simulated a real-life experience.

Fuji Spray Auto also launched their V8 bundle, where automotive refinishers can save more when buying two V8 spray guns together.

The V8 series is Fuji Spray’s latest technological innovation in the world of collision repair and refinishing. Designed to be the spray gun that can do it all – the V8 series is available in both mid-pressure and HVLP technology, perfect for achieving professional clear coat and base coat applications.

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