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Society of Collision Repair Specialists Alerts Members to Aluminum Rate Category on Estimating Systems

Association outlines steps to take in CCC One to add an aluminum rate category.

Chief Automotive Technologies Aluminum Dust Extractor

The dust extractor, which features all-stainless steel construction and high-efficiency immersion separation technology, collects and contains aluminum particles released during sanding.

Work on Both Steel and Aluminum Panels with H&S Autoshot’s New UNI-9850

The UNI-9850 is a complete dent repair station offering three methodologies to repair both paint on and paint off panel damage.

Steck Aluminum Tools Now Ford Approved

Tools include Soft Strike Aluminum Conversion Kit, SPR Extraction Tool and SPR Insertion Tool, and Al Skin Zipper and Al Skin Zipper2.

Bond Aluminum and Steel with Universal Rivet Gun

Chief Automotive Technologies’ new rivet gun uses a pneumatic-hydraulic system for consistent performance across applications.

Maintenance-Free Aluminum Hammer Set

Dent Fix Equipment’s DF-AH714 Aluminum Hammer Set is perfect for working on aluminum-bodied vehicles because it prevents galvanic corrosion.

Reader’s Choice: What Do I Need to Get Started in Aluminum Repair?

We’re thinking of adding aluminum repair to our shop. How hard is it to add this to an existing shop regarding the “clean” area?

Insert and Remove Rivets in Steel and Aluminum

Cebotech’s rivet tool is well balanced and can apply five tons of force while inserting rivets.

Technical: The Flip Side to Aluminum

Change is constant and will never stop or slow down. How we approach aluminum will be the difference between making it difficult or making it easy.

CCC ONE Repair Methods Adds Procedure Data for 2015 Ford F-150

First estimating solution to provide integrated access to the specialized procedure data needed to repair the radically redesigned F-150.

Aluminum Hammer Kit

Dent Fix’s DF-AH714 Aluminum Hammer Kit features maintenance-free, solid aluminum heads that are perfect for working on aluminum-bodied vehicles because they prevent galvanic corrosion.

I-CAR Posts 2015 Ford F-150 Collision Instruction Sheets to Repairability Technical Support Portal

Fifty-one repair instruction sheets provide important detailed instructions on part removal and installation procedures.