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Auto Body Employees: The Engaged vs. the Disengaged

Every time I hear about an employee leaving us, it hurts. I ask myself, “What did we do wrong?”

‘I Fell Asleep in the Parking Lot’ and Other Hair-Brained Excuses for Being Late to Work

Car trouble, severe weather and a late bus or train can derail even the most punctual employee’s best efforts to make it to work on time. But some workers take tardiness to another level.

Drugs and Alcohol in the Collision Repair Industry

Given the myriad risks of on-the-job drug and alcohol use – and the steep price that shops can pay for negligent repairs – it’s more important than ever to ensure that your employees are focused, clean and sober.

Employees: The Lifeblood of the Auto Body Business

We consider our employees the lifeblood of our business, but finding, retaining and developing the best employees is one of the most difficult challenges we face in all of the markets we serve.

How Do I Transition from Flat-Rate Pay to Salary-Based with Bonus?

Team-pay structures are becoming more popular because, when properly managed, they can make the team more productive and encourage individual career development.

Keys to Hiring the Right People

Slowing down the hiring process and bringing the right people on board can save body shops a lot of time and money.

13 Tips for Smoother Production

If you use the following 13 steps as a checkdown for each vehicle in your shop, cars will move much more efficiently through it.

The Millennial Takeover

Millennials are taking over. It’s up to you to make this transition smooth and potentially more profitable. Are you up to the challenge?

Personnel: Your Employees Are Not Expendable

There are many levers and knobs you can turn to try to get different results and metrics. However, your workforce should not be one of them.

Illegal Substances and Their Impact on an Auto Repair Business

An employee’s drug use can lead to injuries and losses that will drive up your insurance rates, absenteeism, poor performance and even theft. If you’re unsure of what to do, then you’re reading the right ­article.

How Do I Make My Office Flow?

How should we structure our office staff, when should we hire and how do we determine who is responsible for what?

Do You Have Any Tips on Becoming an Estimator?

I’m looking into becoming an estimator in a high-production body shop, and I have some experience working for an insurance company that handled DRPs. Do you have any tips?