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Avoiding Lawsuits Through Better Business Management

While every company would prefer to not get sued, chances are it will happen. So, if you’re interested in learning about some common issues with fairly simple solutions that could save your company thousands (or millions) of dollars if you are sued, please read on.

Establishing Proper Policies and Procedures to Improve Your Shop’s Productivity

You need to have the proper policies and procedures in place. Unless your team knows their roles and how to help manage the huge wave of customers, production bottlenecks and efficiency problems will keep recurring.

Balancing the Daily Challenges of Running a Shop

The easiest way to gain employees’ trust and respect is to show them that you are not afraid to mix it up on the “front lines.” If they see that you understand their day-to-day struggles, it will give you more credibility and you will not just be the boss telling them what to do.

When Employees Review The Boss

It can be challenging enough when customers get to review the service they receive from your store, but when the employees get in on the act, it can be a bit too much.

How the Department of Labor Helps You Hire Veterans

The organization is committed to working with employers like you – those who know that hiring veterans is not only the right thing to do, but it’s good for business.

OSHA’s Top Safety Violations of 2018

Check out OSHA’s list of its most frequent violations, then take a walk around your shop. If an OSHA inspector comes by, are you ready to pay?

Can I Ask Them to Sign That? An Introduction to Employment Agreements

Today, our question is, “Can I ask my employees to sign that?” You may be thinking, “Wow – contracts? I think I’m already asleep.” However, it is worth spending a few minutes to discuss the ins and outs of the most common employment agreements.

The Myth About a National Criminal History Search

Anyone who has the responsibility of hiring employees and overseeing employment background screening for their shop has heard the term “national criminal history” search.

The Theory of 5: Younger People Can Teach Us Things

If you’re hesitant to take instruction from someone younger, ask yourself a simple question: Why? If you open yourself up, you could start a rewarding relationship for both you and your younger co-mentor.

The Essential Craftsman

I’ve been a car guy forever. I drew cartoon Bucket T’s with flat-head V-8s, velocity stacks, headers and flames on my grade school notebooks.

Podium Expands Interaction Management Platform with Launch of Teamchat

The new communication solution will help local businesses centralize company interactions and allow employees to conveniently collaborate internally within the same platform used to interact with customers and vendors.

The Equal Treatment of Unequal Effort Will Destroy a Company

When everyone is treated equally — without regard for their performance, attitude and results — this sets a potentially demoralizing example for both the Underachievers and the Performer who is giving it their all.