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Effective Training for Short Attention Spans

Are you having problems getting your staff to pay attention and retain the information from your training programs? Here’s why: the training is not being presented in a way that holds their attention.

What a Body Shop Can Learn from a Pizza Shop

A recent experience I had at a pizza shop convinced me that their employee teamwork system could work at a body shop.

Employee Handbooks: Providing Clear Expectations

A good employee handbook records the company’s rules and communicates them to your employees in an easy, understandable way. Do you have one?

Creating a Healthy Work Environment in Your Auto Body Shop

A healthy work environment in your shop equals more happy and productive employees.

Share Your Business Goals with Employees, and They Will Help You Succeed

It has been my experience that most of the employees in any business are willing to help their company succeed if they’re included in the process. The “plan” needs to be shared – and understood – by the people who will implement it.

Annual Performance Reviews: Yes or No?

How many of you conduct annual performance reviews? And how many of you think that there must be a better way to manage your employees? If so, read on.

Finding Good Employees for Your Auto Body Shop

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my body shop clients is that good employees are hard to find. So, what can you do?

Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association Hosting Shop Processes, Culture Workshop

The Washington Metropolitan Autobody Association (WMABA) is hosting a workshop called, “Shop Processes, Culture and Quality Control while Reducing Liability,” on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 from 1-3:30 p.m.

Employees: Is There a ‘Staff Infection’ in Your Auto Body Shop? – Part II

A company that treats their employees more like indentured servants than valued team members will likely have a higher turnover rate, more pilfering of its employees by competitors, lower production, more comebacks and more customer complaints.

Employees: Is There a ‘Staff Infection’ in Your Auto Body Shop?

The morale in my shop is terrible. We stay busy but I see complacency, poor attitudes, no dedication and lack of loyalty or even basic desire to see the company succeed, let alone prosper. What can I do?

Why Is Employee Recognition So Hard to Find These Days?

It seems that with all the financially-driven and political noise out there, the good old-fashioned recognition for a good deed or job well done is getting pretty scarce.

Attitude is Everything When Hiring Help for Your Auto Body Shop

It seems most auto body shops still value skill in an employee the most. But check out 19-store Carubba Collision’s mantra for recruiting new employees: “Hire based on attitude and teach skills needed to do the job.”