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Walmec AMD-035 Membrane Dryer for Ultra Clean and Dry Air

The AMD-035 Membrane Dryer is the best choice for waterborne paint applications or other sensitive tasks that require the highest standard of clean and dry compressed air.

AkzoNobel to Supply Porsche China with Water-based Products

The company will supply its full water-based Sikkens range to provide Porsche China with a complete water-based solution for its refinishing needs. 

Waterborne Breathable Air Combo System from Martech

The Model 50-WB can process up to 50 SCFM of breathable air or 35 SCFM of ultra clean and ultra dry air.

Tsunami Launches New Portable Air Dryer

With its lightweight design and handle attachment, the Portable Pure-5T offers ultimate portability.

Sherwin-Williams Introduces Ultra 9K Waterborne Basecoat System

Sherwin-Williams’ new Ultra 9K Waterborne Basecoat System goes beyond the expected VOC compliance and user-friendliness of any waterborne system.

Waterborne Breathable Air Combo System

Martech’s Model 50-WB has all the features of a Model 50 series system plus the ability to lower the dew point and relative humidity for spraying waterborne paints.

Axalta Advances Waterborne Coatings Development in China

Axalta announced it has broken ground on the newest phase of its Jiading plant in Shanghai, a new investment in waterborne coatings in China.

New Motor Guard M-C100 Filter Removes Oil Vapor from Compressed Air

The new Motor Guard M-C100 Filter removes oil vapor from compressed air and is the ideal final stage in a new or existing air management system to ensure defect-free jobs with today’s premium and waterborne finishes.

Clark’s Corner: Hulk Smash Water! Water Physics in the Shop

Poor-quality, moisture-laden compressed air has been a potential body shop problem since the day I started in 1970.

Waterborne/Low-VOC: Where Are We Today?

Slow adoption of regulations and a changing of the guard in Washington have taken the spotlight off waterborne/low-VOC paint.

Transtar Autobody Technologies Announces Breakthrough 1K Technology

Transtar’s DTM Waterborne Primer is a gray, premium-grade, 1K anti-corrosive waterborne primer surfacer that performs like a 2K product.

Automotive Refinish Coatings Market Expected to Reach $10.8B by 2024

A substantial reduction in demand for solvent-based coatings has compelled many manufacturers to increase focus on the development of effective waterborne varieties of automotive refinish coatings in the past few years.