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11 Signs Your Marketing Company is Scamming You

When it comes to advertising and marketing, how do you decipher what is best for you and who’s trying to take advantage of your ignorance on the topic?

10 Mistakes Body Shops Make on Their Websites

Most collision repair facilities feel like having a website is enough to compete online today. But there is much more to it than that.

Auto Body Reviews & Website Icons (PODCAST)

Body shops can be hesitant to display online reviews from Yelp and Google on their homepage. Micki Woods gives the reasons why they should not be.

How to Get Your Auto Body Shop Found Online!

What Body Shops Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization Auto Body Shop Digital Marketing with Autoshop Solutions Autoshop Solutions is a digital marketing company for the automotive industry. We help independent automotive businesses like yours get found online. If you don’t show up in search results when someone Googles ‘auto body’ or ‘collision repair

Top 10 Website Mistakes for Body Shops, Part 2 (PODCAST)

Jason Stahl and Micki Woods discuss more mistakes body shops make on their websites and offer tips on ways to improve them.

PODCAST: Top 10 Website Mistakes for Body Shops, Part 1 (PODCAST)

Jason Stahl and Micki Woods discuss the top 10 mistakes body shops make on their websites and ways to improve them.

Keep Customers Coming to Your Shop with These Three Things

Most people are stuck at home and are spending a lot of time on social media or browsing the internet. This is the perfect time to be engaging with them!

Could Your Phone Take You to the Moon?

With people’s addiction to smartphones these days, your website better be spot-on or you will lose opportunities to fix cars.

How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Is your website ADA compliant? I’ll bet you didn’t know that it needs to be.

Is It Legal to Use Images You Don’t Own Online?

You can pay for images on a website now, upfront prior to using them, or really pay for them later when you get caught violating copyright law – which can be really expensive.

“Alexa, Siri…Find a Body Shop!”

Need or want something? Just call out to Alexa, Google or Siri and ask for it: “Alexa, find a body shop.” That’s voice search…and it’s the next big thing.

ASA, AutoInc. Announce Top 10 Website Contest Winners for 2018

Since its inception, AutoInc.’s Top 10 contest has served as a guide to help member-shop owners create sites that proactively promote their business through cost-effective digital marketing.