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Survey Reveals Insights on OEM Repair Procedures

Survey revealed that in 75% of shops, estimators and repair planners are responsible for researching OEM repair procedures.

Survey: Growing Percentage of Shops Billing and Being Paid for “R+R+I”

A “Who Pays for What?” survey earlier this year found that nearly two-thirds of shops (65%) are regularly paid for “R+R+I” of components on used/salvage assemblies, yet nearly 1 in 10 shops have never billed for it.

“Who Pays for What?” Survey on Billing for Masking When Priming

The survey highlights an upward trend in the percentage of shops across the U.S. regularly being paid by the eight largest national insurers to mask as necessary for priming.

New ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds More Shops Billing and Being Paid for Total Loss Processing

The survey conducted this past fall found that 59 percent of the more than 500 auto body shops responding to the question reported regularly being paid an administrative fee for processing total losses.

New ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds More Shops Billing to Set Up and Perform Destructive Test Welds

The survey indicates that more than one in four shops – 27 percent – reported being paid to set up and perform destructive test welds “always” or “most of the time” by the eight largest national insurers.

New “Who Pays for What?” Survey Focuses on Seat Belt Inspections

 “Who Pays for What?” survey finds half of shops have not billed for seat belt inspections called for by automakers.

Body Shops Need to be Fairly Compensated for Their Work

I’m preaching to the choir here a bit, but it needs to be said.

More Auto Body Shops Getting Paid to Research OEM Repair Procedures, ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds

In the fall 2017 survey, 11 percent of shops said the eight largest auto insurers are paying them an administrative fee “always” or “most of the time” for researching OEM procedures.

‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds Insurers Will Pay for Cooling-System Test and Purge

Mike Anderson’s “Who Pays for What?” survey finds that many body shops aren’t charging to pressure-test and purge cooling systems, even though insurers are willing to pay for it.

Mike Anderson discussed negotiation tactics at NORTHEAST 2017
‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey: More Shops Getting Paid for Not-Included Body Labor Operations

More shops now are being paid “always” or “most of the time” for nearly two dozen not-included body labor operations compared to a year earlier, according to the latest findings from the “Who Pays for What?” quarterly survey.

NORTHEAST 2017: Highlights from Mike Anderson’s ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Results

During his presentation at the 2017 NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show, Anderson discussed the results of the “Who Pays for What?” surveys from 2016 – including a line item that can get you in your DRP’s doghouse.

Latest ‘Who Pays for What’ Survey Focuses on Aluminum Repair Labor Rates

The current survey, open for participation through the end of October, focuses on aluminum repair labor rates, as well as about two dozen shop supply items, asking how frequently shops are paid for each by the eight largest auto insurers in the country.