The Digital Blitz

The Digital Blitz

We talk so much about how much collision repair is changing, but so is the world of media!

We talk so much in the pages of BodyShop Business about how rapidly the collision repair industry is changing, but the world of BodyShop Business is changing drastically too — the world of media, that is. Change is everywhere! Is there anything that is not changing? Change, as they say, is inevitable. I liken it to a freight train that will steamroll you unless you get on board.

Today, if you’re reading this column, you have a print product in your hands. But that may change one day too. Our world of media has become so digital, it’s insane. We are no longer writers or editors but “content creators.”

When we review 2023, consider that Babcox Media, the parent company of BodyShop Business:

  • Spent 87,000 hours developing content
  • Spent 65,000 hours designing and marketing content
  • Sent 80 million emails
  • Produced 72 webinars that had 23,979 registrants
  • Produced 341 podcasts
  • Produced 1,500 videos
  • Served 61.5 million website ads
  • Served 150 million digital ads
  • Produced 95 magazines with 4,700 printed pages and 2,600 print ads
  • Sent out 39 research studies.

Whew! Amazing stuff when you look at the numbers. I’m no longer just an editor behind a keyboard but a webinar moderator, podcast host, video “talent” (and I use that term loosely) and more. And we’re now exploring what artificial intelligence can do to help us create content.

So, fear not! With confounding computer cars and electric vehicles coming into your shop changing how you approach repairs, you’re not the only ones experiencing change. Drop me a line at [email protected] to let me know if the content we’re creating is serving your needs and what we can do to help.

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