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Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding (STRSW) offers many advantages over MIG welding. But there are pitfalls to watch out for, which I have painfully experienced myself so you don’t have to.

Proper Plastic Repair Procedures

Given the shrinking pool of repairs, it’s probably a wise strategy to look for opportunities everywhere you can. Plastic repair is one of them.

Galvanic Corrosion and Cross Contamination

This oldie but goodie from the BodyShop Business archives explains what happens when two dissimilar metals, like aluminum and steel, come in electrical contact of each other.

So You Wanna Weld Aluminum?

Tips to help get you through a potential ‘minefield’ on your journey to purchasing a MIG welder capable of welding aluminum.

Long Live the Oxyacetylene Torch

Some think the oxyacetylene torch is dead. But more than a few master techs consider it a vital tool in their arsenals, and you may too once you understand its versatility.

Auto Foam: Proper Application and Placement

Foam is showing up all over the modern vehicle. Although its presence adds a new level of complication to repairs, it’s imperative that it be reinstalled — and reinstalled correctly.

Working with Boron Steel

Ultra high-strength steel alloyed with boron is lightweight and hard – really hard! But there are some tradeoffs to its strength and weight savings that repairers need to be aware of.

Aluminum Dent Repair – with a Stud Welder

Aluminum is not a new metal to the collision industry. The Model T Ford had an aluminum hood. The 1925 Pierce-Arrow was all aluminum. And many classic cars of the 1930s had aluminum parts on them. Why? Because aluminum allowed low-production automobile manufacturers to hand-form parts without the use of the costly stamping process. The

Heat Shrinking Metal

Lots of controversy surrounds heat shrinking, yet I’ve successfully used this process for 40+ years. It not only makes a damaged panel repairable (and can save a job from totaling out), but it’s also a less invasive repair.

The Heat Is on: Buying My Heat Inductor

I’ve made a lot of misguided tool purlchases through the years, but buying my heat inductor wasn’t one of them.

Skinning a Door – Without Using Filler

Remember the physician’s oath: “First, Do No Harm.”