Mike West, Author at BodyShop Business
Aligning Car Panels: Closing the Gap

There are many reasons for poor bolt-on panel misalignment, some structural, some human error. But there are certain steps you can take to eliminate this problem and keep customers happy.

Destructive Weld Tests

Destructive weld testing is a vital part of making sure you perform a safe repair – which is why you should do it prior to making any structural weld.

Trends in Materials

Vehicles today are becoming “hybrids” of construction. Here’s a closer look at aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and steel and the roles these advanced materials play in the modern automobile.

Guide to Adhesives in Collision Repair

All adhesives are not the same. And don’t assume that adhesives are universally recommended for repairs by all the OEMs. These are just some of the sticky subjects I’ll cover based on my experience with these products.

UV Primers

Ultraviolet (UV) primer might be pricey, but consider the advantages and you might be sold on this amazing technology.

The Functions of Fasteners

Self-piercing rivets, solid shank rivets, blind rivets, Dacromet bolts and so on. Understanding how these one-time fasteners work and what function they play are vital to producing a quality and safe repair.

Getting Paid for Not-Included Labor Items

Reader’s Choice Question – “How do you get paid for rust, fused, pinched and fudge time factors that aren’t listed in the regular new parts on and off sections of the P-pages and estimating guides? When will true reality begin so that the time necessary to cut, heat up, unscrew, unfuse or unclip two different kinds of metals without burning up or exploding the rest of the car will be included?” – Rosemarie Seppala, office manager, Seppala’s Body Shop & Restoration

TECH FEATURE: Nuts and Bolts of Suspension Repair

Repairing vehicle suspensions may seem daunting, but if you stray out of your comfort zone and give it a shot, you may just be able to add more dollars to your bottom line.

TECH FEATURE: No Raw Deal Here

Refinishing raw, unprimed bumper covers is more involved than refinishing primed ones. You can do a quality job by following certain steps, but you need to charge for the additional labor.

TECH FEATURE: Brazing is Back

With its small heat affect zone (HAZ), MIG brazing has become the procedure of choice when recommended for high-strength steels.

The Mighty MIG

A little understanding of MIG welding will help you become your own personal troubleshooter. It will also help you create welds that aren’t just ‘pretty’ but are able to pass a destructive test.

Get Stuck on Adhesive Bonding

When used in conjunction with welding, adhesives can provide
a better repair than welding or adhesives alone.