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Back on the Road and Loving It

The yearn to drive after months of being cooped up bodes well for the automotive aftermarket.

Jason Stahl has 27 years of experience as an editor, and has been editor of BodyShop Business for the past 15 years. He currently is a gold pin member of the Collision Industry Conference. Jason, who hails from Cleveland, Ohio, earned a bachelor of arts degree in English from John Carroll University and started his career in journalism at a weekly newspaper, doing everything from delivering newspapers to selling advertising space to writing articles.

I’ll tell you, when our office opened back up and I got back in my car to drive to work, I realized: I missed driving.


I like my car, and I like driving it, so I missed getting inside of it, turning the key, hearing the engine start and go-karting away. I missed stopping off somewhere for a coffee on the way to work. I missed listening to my favorite morning radio show. I missed pretending I was a NASCAR driver or young Anakin Skywalker in a podrace.

I think Gary Numan had it right when he sang, in his famous 80s tune “Cars”:

Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, it’s the only way to live in cars.


Here in my car, I can only receive, I can listen to you, it keeps me stable for days in cars.

Yes, stability. Normalcy. Traffic has rebounded a little but is still light, which is nice, but some people are driving like it is the end of the world and there are no consequences to speeding.

I think this yearn to drive after months of being cooped up bodes well for the automotive aftermarket. People miss driving and will once again put many miles on their vehicles with zeal and fervor, whether it be going to work or taking a road trip. Those in the know say miles driven will come back with a ferociousness because:

  • People are going to have cabin fever and go stir crazy.
  • People will return to their full-time jobs, and some people may have to work part-time jobs as well to get caught up on their bills.
  • People will avoid ride-sharing/public transportation.
  • People will be making up for celebrations, rescheduled weddings, etc.
  • People will be drinking more, partying, blowing off steam and, unfortunately, driving.

Get ready for the uptick, because it’s coming!

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