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Old Equipment Can Cost You

My boss kept complaining about how much it cost him to pay for cut and buff, but then I realized it was me who was losing money due to his refusal to upgrade his spraybooth.

Fixing Door Panels on ’07 GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados

Your team has just completed repairs on the front cab door of a 2007 GMC Sierra. As part of the repair process, it was necessary to blend the rear cab door to achieve a proper color match. A final quality control inspection was performed, and you noticed vertical lines in the rear door that didn’t

We’re Here to Serve

As an editor of a trade magazine, you do more than just write articles and edit copy. You also serve as a sympathetic ear to readers who call in and want to discuss problems they’re having with their businesses. But hopefully you’re not just offering emotional support but rather, coming up with real solutions that

Mistake-Proof Your Process

Mistake-proofing your business is all about eliminating the guesswork and making it easier to do things the right way rather than the wrong way.

DRPs, Here We Come?

Starting our DRP involvement with a small insurance company at first seemed like a good idea. But we soon realized that more volume didn’t necessarily mean more profit. Part 10 of a series.

Get Your Message Heard: Executing an Effective Marketing Plan

Creating and then executing an effective marketing plan isn’t easy. Here are some tips to help you succeed in getting your message out…and avoid wasting too much of your hard-earned money.

See the Light: The Importance of Good Lighting

Too many body shops work under poor lighting. But good lighting is absolutely
crucial if a shop wants to do quality work
in an efficient manner.

Case Study: Paint Protection Profits

Case File #1 Problem: Declining profit margins Solution: Offering paint protection service Shop #1 name: House of Color Location: Missoula, Mont. Owner: Lee Frank Shop #2 name: Centers 3 Collision Repair Location: Lynnwood, Wash. Owner: Dan Gilfeather A new add-on service helped these shop owners boost their bottom lines. R ody shop owner Lee Frank

Sectioning a Quarter Panel on the 2005 Pontiac G6 Sedan

New vehicle designs and repair procedures are being developed by manufacturers every day. Keeping up with all the various replacement methods and techniques is a daunting task. The acceptable way of doing a correct repair yesterday may be out of date today. This article describes such a repair procedure – sectioning a quarter panel on

The People You Meet

The “Coulee Region”.

Helping to Move the Industry Forward

A little more than two years ago, as I began my tenure as publisher of this great magazine, several advisors offered me help, commentary, assistance and support. For that, I was genuinely appreciative. However, as I think back upon that time, I’m reminded of the general “tone” of their input. Mostly, how they felt the

Who’s the Expert?

We’re the collision repair experts yet we allow insurers to dictate how repairs are done and let them pay us a mere pittance for it. The potential result is my biggest fear: an industry full of unqualified technicians