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OSHA: When Safety is a 4-Letter Word

An OSHA inspector recently showed up to perform a ‘random’ inspection. He noted two minor violations and complimented us on our compliance, saying the average body shop has 12 violations. Because he said his report would reflect favorably on us, we mistakenly thought our fines would only be a few hundred bucks.

Repairing ’05-’07 Volkswagen Beetle Rear Bumper Covers

Many times during the course of a repair, fit and finish of a particular part is critical to the final outcome. A new part that has been replaced or removed for repair may just not look the same as when it was originally installed on the vehicle. Manufacturers often publish a procedure to correct, modify

Enough is Enough

Progressive allegedly steering customers from shop.

Standards: Good or Bad?

Earlier this week, a news blurb caught my eye that had to do with an industry standard for the development of collision repair methods in the United Kingdom. An insurer-funded research entity called Thatcham will develop the standard that they claim will “ensure vehicle repair methods are comprehensive, easy to use, and widely available and

Proprietary Repairs

“Do you think that in the near future, other car manufacturers will follow Jaguar’s lead and require repair shops to be ‘certified’ to fix their vehicles?”


“How do you evaluate and sell your business?”

To Clip or Not to Clip?

“What’s the difference among what I-CAR, shops, insurance companies and car manufacturers are saying about clipping?”

Achieving Consistent Volume

“With 21 DRPs, we still see peaks and valleys. What’s the best approach to having a consistent flow of work?”

Blend vs. Full Paint

“Why is blend time 50 percent of the time as full paint time?”

Long Live the Oxyacetylene Torch

Some think the oxyacetylene torch is dead. But more than a few master techs consider it a vital tool in their arsenals, and you may too once you understand its versatility.

Handling and Repairing Ford F-150 Magnesium Radiators

One of the most requested pieces of OEM documentation in the collision industry today is “new materials, locations and procedures.” Why? Because advanced materials are becoming more popular with almost every vehicle maker due to the never-ending quest for fuel efficiency, ease of manufacturability, performance and styling. Magnesium is but one of the advanced materials

Market Your Difference

A professional football player laying a ferocious hit on another is one way to get people thinking about “collision.” That’s what Angelo Papotto was banking on when he signed up for an advertising package with a local TV channel to “plant a seed in people’s heads” to get them thinking about his three Suburban Collision