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Refresh Your Marketing

Old-school marketing is out, and new-school is in. So ditch your “Free Estimates” sign and get with the program.

BodyShop Business
Tech Tips: What’s New in the Collision Industry?

Whether you’re faced with a minor question or a major problem, manufacturers’ information leads to faster resolutions. Here are a few examples of OEM repair information that could save you time and money.

BodyShop Business
A Glimpse Into the Future

Google’s latest Web initiative could bring in big bucks for collision repairers down the road.

BodyShop Business
Measuring Color

Color match is painters’ most common problem. Treat the spectrophotometer your shop uses with great care, and it will make your paint shop more productive every day.

BodyShop Business
Sometimes I Forget

A 1906 Baker electric. A 1939 Ford Roadster. The Art Arfons Salt Flats jet car known as the “Green Monster.” When a local car lover opened his collection to the public, I was reminded of automobiles’ importance and the enduring place they hold in our country.

The SEMA Effect

Thanks to SEMA, I am now a grown man with blue LED lights in the footwells of my vehicle.

Buying Tips: Air Compressors

Atlas Copco For collision repair facilities, it’s imperative to choose an air compressor that delivers 100 percent oil-free compressed air. The presence of oil in compressed air prevents the adhesion of the paint to the car surface and causes beading, which negatively affects the quality of the finish. Only ISO 8573-1-certified class zero oil-free compressors provide

Handy Social Media Guide

By now, we should be well past the things I heard as recently as two years ago: “Social media is just a fad,” “No one will follow a body shop on Facebook,” and “I don’t care what you had for dinner, and I’m sure you don’t care where my wife and I went for the

A Dealership Body Shop Manager’s Woes

I often have former dealership body shop managers in my educational programs. Recently, I had three current dealer shop mangers in my audience for two days. I have an opinion (no way!) on why less than 40 percent of new car dealers have a body shop. Part of my explanation includes a couple of illustrative

It’s SEMA Time Again!

Another SEMA Show is upon us. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. With a very successful NACE behind us, it’s time to travel to Las Vegas for a week packed with everything automotive. The combination of SEMA and AAPEX makes for a jam-packed automotive gathering, and I’m sure this year will

Can We Sustain?

The latest issue of Rolling Stone hit my mailbox the other day. I don’t know how I got roped into a subscription; one minute, I’m searching their archive for an article written in the 1970s by Hunter S. Thompson. The next thing I know, I’ve bought a three-month trial subscription, which renews for 12 months

Tackling Substance Abuse

Addressing substance abuse among your employees first starts with having a policy stated in your employee handbook.

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