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SATAjet X 5500 Bionic – Below The Surface!

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SATA spray guns do not only inspire with their stunning aesthetics, they deliver with their cutting-edge engineering. The inner workings of a SATA spray gun is something that many wish to see – and now you can! They are available from your local SATA dealer while supplies last! The SATAjet X 5500 Bionic reveals the unseen technology that makes your SATA spray gun so special.

SATA X-nozzles take atomization to a whole new level. This special-edition spray gun is available in RP 1.2, 1.3; HVLP 1.3, 1.4, I and O nozzle sets in standard only. The SATAjet X 5500 Bionic is fully functional and suitable for daily use in the spraybooth.

Please note: U.S. distribution will only be available in standard guns, but the artwork on the gun is a depiction of a digital spray gun. The intricate finishing process of the spray gun surface could lead to slight color deviations. Changes in color, for example, caused by exposure to daylight are also possible.

What Is Different With The X-nozzle System?

O nozzles have an oval-shaped spray fan pattern with a larger dry zone and a wet core to accommodate increased application speed, at the expense of slightly less application control during the painting process. The film build per coat in comparison to an I nozzle of the same size is slightly higher.

I nozzles instead do have a parallel spray fan pattern with a minimal dry zone and a dryer center, which is ideal for painters who prefer a reduced application speed and maximized application control during the painting process. The film build per coat in comparison to an O nozzle of the same size is slightly reduced.

What Are Benefits Of The X­nozzle System?

The optimized air distribution allows for enhanced spraying uniformity and atomization with both fan shapes. In addition, with the new design of the fluid tip and air cap, the air distribution insert is no longer required, which considerably reduces paint waste and makes cleaning easier. SATA has also reduced the noise level of this Whispering nozzle during application, giving painters the feeling of a much softer and more comfortable coating process. The SATAjet X 5500 matches each application requirement, such as specific characteristics of the paint system, climatic conditions and application method. End users can now rely on a consistent system that offers clear and well-structured application options.

Limited quantities – get your special-edition spray gun with your SATA dealer before they’re gone! Visit or call 800-533-8016 today.

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