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Spray Wide and Save Time

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Large jobs call for large spray capability, and Fuji Spray Auto® provides maximum width and even coverage so you can save time in the booth and increase productivity.

With wide spray patterns, and precise side-mounted fan pattern controls, the V8 series of spray guns from Fuji Spray Auto® allows you to save time per project. The MP-V8 mid-pressure spray gun offers a maximum fan width of 315mm (12.4 inches), while the H-V8 offers a maximum fan width of 325mm (12.8 inches). The size of the fan pattern allows for fewer passes without compromising on finish.

These spray guns were specifically designed with high-volume production in mind. You don’t always have the luxury of tinkering or long hours spent on quality control for each part.

College professor and auto industry professional Jesse Kennelly put the H-V8 to the test and had this to say when he was done, “Huge fan, it has the largest spray pattern I have ever seen in an automotive spray gun, when we did our flow test the gun was able to produce an even spray pattern 12″ wide.” He added that it “Cleaned up easily” and “I also like that the fluid needle is protected through the trigger area.”

Most automotive painters prefer to spray with the fan pattern open as wide as possible on their spray gun. And the ability to trust the quality of the spray pattern when it is opened to a full 12 inches allows you to spray with confidence, and get more work done, faster.

Well-atomized coatings and paints sprayed to a maximum width are going to give you more coverage with fewer passes. The quality spray pattern that Jesse mentioned is the key here. No job done fast is worth it if the results don’t measure up. But, if you can get the finish you’re looking for in a shorter amount of time, and get the next job in the booth, or end your day (if you’re lucky), you know that you’re on the right track.

Using the wide fan pattern is no different than a narrower pattern you may be used to. Hold your gun the same way you always do to put down a great coat, and while you do, enjoy the lightweight and balance that these spray guns have to offer (both V8 Series spray guns weigh less than 18.5 ounces, without cup). The lighter weight and wider fan pattern mean a more comfortable spraying experience as well as a faster one.

And, when you do need to spray with a narrower pattern, you can readily adjust the intuitive side-mounted control, without the need to change the direction of where you’re looking. Whether you choose to set your fan pattern at maximum width for everyday use or want to adjust your size on a per-part basis as you work, the Fuji Spray Auto® V8 Series produces an even finish every step of the way.

It is an advantage that Fuji Spray Auto® brings to the industry from 35 years of experience providing spray gun excellence. And it is an advantage that repair shops and high-volume facilities can experience for themselves.

Along with enhanced fan pattern sizes, the V8 Series spray guns also offer impressive air cap set options ranging from 1.2mm to 2.2mm, with six size options in total. Both are made with forged aluminum spray gun bodies with anodized fluid passages for quality use on every job. And, with 360-degree swivel air inlets to reduce drag and prevent tangling in the booth, these spray guns are convenient as well as effective.

All those features complement the convenience and efficiency that comes from impressive fan pattern sizes so you can finish the job.

Visit to learn more about the Fuji Spray Auto® V8 Series and all the spray guns, and accessories available to purchase, direct from the manufacturer.

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Spray Wide and Save Time

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