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Spraybooth Maintenance Tips

Seven “musts” for proper maintenance of your shop’s spraybooth, straight from the manufacturers.


1.To ensure that your spraybooth operates at maximum performance, you should have a variable frequency drive (VFD) to automatically adjust your booth pressure. You need a VFD to meet the new EPA codes, plus you’ll get more filter life.

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2. Changing spraybooth filters regularly ensures balanced airflow in the spraybooth, along with a safe,
clean working environment for the painter.

3. Maximize your finishing equipment’s performance by implementing strict rules about changing filters. All major spraybooth brands recommend getting into a scheduled filter contract with your jobber or supplier and holding the painters to a very strict filter schedule. Any problem encountered with a spraybooth almost always originates with users ignoring filter changes. Spraybooth rule of thumb: filter changes are like oil changes for your car. Timely changes equal better performance, less stress on components and longer equipment life in general. Change your filters!


4. One misunderstood area of spraybooth operation is pressurization. Over-pressurization causes overspray to become dirt in the paint. Under-pressurization can cause poor overspray removal or dirt problems. Balancing the booth as close to zero pressurization as possible will yield the best results in the spraybooth.

5. If you want your booth to operate at peak performance, the air filters must be changed per the booth manufacturer’s specifications. Also, the fan belt(s) must be inspected annually and adjusted or replaced as needed.

6. Change filters to ensure the life of your paint booth and the expediency and quality of
your work. The apparent costs of a booth failure include downtime, service labor and parts, but what about your reputation for delivering a quality refinish on time?


7. Stick to a preventative maintenance schedule based on your shop’s production level. Your local distributor and booth manufacturer can help you figure out the best maintenance schedule. This will include things such as regular filter changes with proper filters that are designed for both your booth and the paints you’re using. Don’t put things like this off until the last minute, and certainly don’t wait until something goes wrong, because it will cost you far more in the long run. By having your paint booth serviced at regular intervals by a manufacturer-trained technician, you’ll ensure that your booth operates at peak efficiency day in and day out.


8. It’s important to evaluate your airflow at least once per year. Start at the point where the air enters the system and follow it all the way through until it exists. Also, intake filters should be changed on scheduled intervals. Make sure to tack off the area around the filters to eliminate any dirt that might work its way into that next paint job.

Information courtesy of Accudraft, AFC Finishing Systems, Compliant Paint Booths, Garmat, Global
Finishing Solutions, UniCure, Pro Tools & Equipment and Spray-Tech.

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