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What is the Proper Procedure for Submitting a Supplement?

When submitting a supplement to an insurance company, do we have to submit a copy of the original invoice for the parts and materials we buy from our vendors?

Is It a ‘Total Loss’ for You?

Our customer’s insurer said they were not going to take possession of a vehicle they deemed to be a total loss, they would not be paying our fees, and would be sending us the title. We don’t want the car; we want to be paid for our services. What can we do?

Getting Your Mark-up on Sublet Services

What do you do when an insurer refuses to pay your standard mark-up on sublet repair services?

Ask the Expert: How to Deal with Defective Parts

The insurer wants us to return defective parts that we warned them from the beginning may not fit as good as the originals. Are we obligated to do this?

Reader’s Choice: How Are Other Body Shops Getting Insurers to Pay Legitimate Expenses?

If a repairer makes the vehicle owner their main priority, everything else will fall into its proper place…including your company’s profits.

Determining Labor Rates for Aluminum

The collision repair industry needs to stop the funny times and begin to assess an hour for an hour at a true labor rate.

Weighing the Merits of the Appraisal Clause

Is the appraisal clause still a viable strategy for consumers and body shops to resolve cost disputes with insurers? Two collision consultants offer different views.

How and Why Do Insurers Total Vehicles?

We’re finding that insurers are totaling vehicles when the damages are as low as 40 to 50 percent of the vehicle’s pre-loss value. How and why do insurers do this, and what rights do consumers have when it comes to keeping their vehicles?

Choosing an Auto Body Industry Consultant

Choosing a consultant for you and your company’s needs is like picking out a pair of shoes – you want one that fits the need you’re seeking and is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Auto Damage Experts’ Barrett Smith to Speak at Coyote Group Meeting in Nashville

With the presentation titled “A Casual Conversation,” Smith hopes to educate the 50-plus attendees on the many associated and avoidable liabilities today’s collision repairers are confronted with on a daily basis.

Can a Repairer Be Responsible for Part Failure?

Using any parts that are not properly tested for proven performance may expose you and your company to substantial liability, similar to a doctor or pharmacist who recommends or prescribes and/or dispenses potentially harmful and/or lethal medication.

Are OE Certifications Worth It?

Being OE certified provides a great opportunity for the quality collision repairer to “strut their stuff” when it comes to marketing and building a trusted relationship with their local community.