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VIDEO: N95 Respirators

N-designated respirators, R-designated and P-designated: what’s the difference?

Back on the Road and Loving It

The yearn to drive after months of being cooped up bodes well for the automotive aftermarket.

VIDEO: Protecting Your Employees During COVID-19

Best practices for keeping your employees healthy and safe during COVID-19.

COVID-19: Positivity Will Help Us Navigate the Road Ahead

On the backstretch of 2020, there will be more potholes with twists and turns. Look forward, be disciplined and remain positive.

Killer Tools Launches 12-Volt Ozone Generator

Killer Tools’ 12-volt ozone generator will kill all bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens and odors on contact.

Killer Tools Introduces Sanitizing Mister/Fogger

Mr. Fogger can sanitize an entire office/seating area, vehicles and shop equipment in minutes.

Family and Teamwork: Keys to Managing COVID-19

Emphasizing family and teamwork has helped Town Line Body Shop of Munroe, Conn., get through COVID-19.

CCAR Releases COVID-19 Best Practices and Training

Two COVID-19 online learning modules are available now as part of the E-Safety suite authored by CCAR and hosted by Electude.

COVID-19: It’s Been Some Ride

Many of us have felt like we’ve been on a roller coaster since mid-March.

Symach Discusses COVID-19 with Australian Collision Repairer

As part of its #SymachTalks video series, Symach recently interviewed Aaron Scagliotta about the effect COVID-19 has had on business and his shop.

VIDEO: Contactless/Touchless Service

DCR Systems President and CEO Michael Giarrizzo discusses his shops’ contactless/touchless service during COVID-19.

Goliath Carts Now Manufacturing Secure Sanitizer Stations

Goliath Carts is leveraging its manufacturing capabilities and in-house materials expertise to produce secure hand sanitizer stations that are now shipping globally.