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TEXA Now Supports Easier Access to Chrysler, Fiat Vehicles

TEXA customers can now activate their AutoAuth account to easily unlock the SGW module on 2017+ Chrysler and Fiat vehicles.

TEXA Releases Axone Voice Hands-Free Advanced Diagnostics

TEXA USA has introduced Axone Voice, the first hands-free, multi-environment diagnostic solution.


TEXA USA’s new TXT MULTIHUB is an advanced diagnostics vehicle communication interface that easily adapts to any vehicle connection in the shop or in the field with greater speed and reliability.

NGK/NTK, Autel Create Diagnostic Webinar Series

NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc., and Autel U.S. have again joined forces to create diagnostic webinar sessions.

CCC Announces Enhancements to CCC Diagnostics

The enhancements will simplify the diagnostics process and drive consistency in the administration of diagnostics billing.

TOPDON Launches TC001 Smartphone Diagnostic Device

The TC001 transforms a smartphone or computer into an IR thermal camera, giving users superior image quality to assist in diagnosing a wide variety of issues within a vehicle.

Auto Diagnostic Scan Tools Market to Hit $60 Billion by 2030

Reasons for the growth include the growing adoption of connected vehicles and growing malfunctions of sensitive electronic components.

ADAS: What’s Alignment Got to Do with It?

Proper alignment has everything to do with ADAS features as the vehicle’s alignment directly interacts with all of its advanced features.

Preaching to the Non-Converted: Shops Speak Out on Proper Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibrations

The days of “see damage, fix damage” are long gone. For decades, it was that simple: See the physical damage, fix the physical damage. Today, you cannot rely on sight alone to diagnose vehicle electronics and ADAS safety systems. If you are in the business of repairing vehicles in 2021, you need to recognize that

Collision, Mechanical and Transportation: The Crossover is Real

With manufacturers such as Tesla, Waymo, Cruise and Ford racing toward autonomous vehicles, we will see the collision, mechanical and transportation repair segments crossing over in some of the technology being developed.

Life beyond Sublets: In-Shop Scanning, Diagnostics & Calibrations Done Right

To illustrate just how specialized OEM-specific scanning, diagnostics and calibrations have become, we posed as consumers and randomly contacted a number of dealership service departments across the country to see if they had the tools and skills necessary to service a vehicle not under their banner. Their responses were enlightening, below is just a sampling:

Vehicle Scanning and Calibration: Do You Have a Plan?

For scanning and recalibrating vehicles, identify what you need versus what you want – and plan to adapt for the rest.