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Polyvance Announces Promotion Price on 6180 Mini-Fuzer

Until April 1, 2024, the suggested user price on the 6180 Mini-Fuzer Hot Air Plastic Welding Station will be reduced to $499.95 from $599.95.

Polyvance Releases New Airless Welding Tip

Polyvance’s new 6033 Scimitar Welding Tip is designed to weld plastic with flat welding strips using an airless plastic welder.

Plastic Repair: A Solution to the Parts Shortage

If you can’t get parts, then it makes sense to repair them. So maybe it’s time to dust off the old plastic welder and two-part bumper repair adhesives.

Pro Spot Highlights Enhanced Plastic Welder at SEMA (VIDEO)

Ryan Swanson of Pro Spot discusses Pro Spot’s addition of a nitrogen generator to its NP3 plastic welder.

Killer Tools Introduces New Plastic Repair System

Killer Tools’ new plastic repair system, the ART73, uses digital technology to heat the plastic to its exact melting temperature.

Dent Fix Equipment Releases New Airless Plastic Welder

The Dent Fix DF-EZA1 Airless Plastic Welder is an economical way to do limited plastic welding.

Polyvance Updates Temperature Guidelines for New Welding Rod

Polyvance has updated their suggested temperature settings chart to include three new welding rod materials it recently introduced.

Polyvance Releases New Generation of Nitrogen Plastic Welders

Polyvance has announced the immediate availability of its new 8000-series of nitrogen plastic welders that incorporate patent-pending new technology to make them easier to maintain and use.

Dent Fix Releases Video Featuring EZ Nitro Plastic Repair Station

Dent Fix has released a new video featuring its EZ Nitro Plastic Repair Station, which features their nitrogen plastic welder.

Polyvance Drops Price on Nitrogen Plastic Welders

Polyvance has announced that, effective immediately, it is reducing the price on its 6085-C and 6080-CG nitrogen plastic welders to $2,995 for the 6085-C and $5,295 for the 6080-CG.

Accountable Estimating Partners with Polyvance to Create Estimating Plastic Repair Online Training Course

The course takes the estimator through a brief history of plastics, shows how to identify the different types of plastics, and discusses the three main types of plastic repair techniques used in the industry.

New Cal .45 Plastic Welder Offers Full Capabilities, Low Price

Jim Jordan, a veteran innovator, has announced a new welding system based on the Colt .45 side arm he carried as a U.S. Marine Corps Pilot.