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ABRA’s Approach to High Performance Work and Workers

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As your business grows, keeping up with the market and consumer behaviors is imperative. This means meeting the needs of consumers while providing service that exceeds expectations. It is essential to have a dedicated team of workers to provide this level of service and we know retaining top talent isn’t always easy.

With over three decades in the auto repair industry, ABRA didn’t stumble on success just by chance. The commitment to growing and retaining a team of industry experts has been a major contributing factor to the longevity of the brand as shown through its continuously evolving network of facilities. As labor shortages continue to span all industries, it is especially important to focus on acquiring and training talent.

How can you lay the groundwork for high performance?

High performance isn’t just how ABRA wants your vehicle to leave the shop. It is key to establish a common performance metric for employees to work towards as individuals and as a group. A common motivator is an easy way to build camaraderie amongst team members by setting goals that encourage the team to engage with the work they are doing. You have laid the groundwork for establishing a winning culture and team by setting individual or group expectations.

ABRA utilizes a variety of metrics to monitor performance levels. Some common examples include Net Promoter Score (NPS), a tool used to measure a customer’s experience and satisfaction, and cycle time, the amount of time the vehicle remains at the facility. Other performance goals may include efficiency metrics or a location’s Google star-rating.

How does ABRA support its network?

ABRA’s network of locally owned and operated collision repair facilities can take advantage of its support team to receive guidance on growing and retaining a team. With this, no matter the level of expertise your talent brings to the table, ABRA has the appropriate resources to take them to the next level. This includes tools such as the operational playbook and access to Collision University, an exclusive training hub that helps team members operate at the highest level of collision repair by providing training guides, webinars, and more.

Certified to keep learning

ABRA also prides itself on supporting its network as they work to earn original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certifications. Leveraging continuous learning in the workplace can assist with employee retention, and employee satisfaction, ultimately, providing a positive impact on your bottom line. Achieving OEM certifications allows team members access to even more opportunities for specialized training and continuous learning. These growth opportunities result in better service for all, from the technician and vehicle to the consumer. It is this level of service and certifications that have attracted qualified and eager-to-learn technicians.

Premier team, premier service

That’s what ABRA provides: a knowledgeable and resourceful team prepared to tackle whatever collision damage your vehicle may have. Using resources like specialized training or the exclusive Collision University courses ensures that ABRA and its valued team members remain a top provider of collision repair and customer service.

Visit ABRAauto.com to learn more or complete this form if you would like to learn more about working with the highly skilled ABRA team.

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