Fix Auto USA Will Fight to Retain Licensing Rights

Fix Auto USA Will Fight to Retain Licensing Rights

In a response to an announcement by Canadian-based Fix Auto World that it will be entering the U.S. market and plans to regain the U.S. rights to the Fix Auto trademark, Fix Auto USA says it will assertively and legally fight to retain licensing of the Fix Auto trademark in the U.S.

Fix Auto USA has announced that it will assertively and legally fight to retain licensing of the Fix Auto trademark in the United States. This statement responds to a June 27 announcement by Mondofix, Inc., which purports to do business as Fix Auto World.

“We were extremely disappointed to read the Mondofix press release today concerning U.S. operations since it has no basis in fact,” said Erick Bickett, chairman of Fix Auto USA. “Mondofix has made its intent clear to usurp the hard-earned equity and loyalty we have built in the United States for nearly 20 years. We will vigorously defend and protect our business relationships from any activity that would affect or injure those business relations.”

Added Paul Gange, Fix Auto USA’s president and CEO, “We currently have 116 franchisees in the United States. We have grown by over 135 percent in the past five years, and have systemwide annual revenue approaching $300 million. Our future growth prospects are stronger than ever based on Fix Auto USA’s existing business model, insurance relationships and industry reputation. The company plans to continue operating and growing the Fix Auto brand in the U.S. for the next decade, and longer.”

The company further stated, “Disregarding contracts and assuming that business relationships may be simply bought and sold in the United States may be the impression of foreign business executives like those at Mondofix. We believe otherwise. We have worked diligently for many years to not only establish our brand and reputation in the marketplace, but to deliver on the promises we have made. We still value integrity and fair business practices. We will fight to protect our business and the values we have stood on for so many years.”

Fix Auto USA, via its legal counsel, notified Mondofix, the Canadian-based company that owns the trademark, that it will continue to operate under the existing license agreement that exists with Mondofix. Fix Auto USA has also notified Mondofix that it will be held accountable and liable for any damages incurred by Fix Auto USA or its franchisees as a result of Mondofix’s actions involving the existing license agreement.

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