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Repair Vehicle Structural Damage Faster, Safer and Per OEM Specs

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Times have changed. Today’s vehicles are not your grandfather’s … or father’s, for that matter. The “computers on wheels” of today feature advanced substrates, sophisticated electronics and tighter tolerances. They’re designed for maximum safety for the occupants. For all these reasons, you should be measuring every vehicle that comes into your shop to diagnose if, where and to what extent structural damage exists to ensure you are putting a safe vehicle back on the road.

Damage is appearing in places it never used to. Today’s cars are designed to direct the energy of a collision around the occupant compartments. With the introduction of advanced steels, stronger alloys, composites, and large castings, how collision energy is transferred and absorbed in the vehicle structure has changed. You may see tolerances out of spec much further away from the damage than what might be expected with older vehicles.

Accurate measurement before beginning the repair identifies where the damage is and provides a roadmap for proper holding and anchoring. In some cases, more than four points of holding are required by OEMs. Measuring during the repair guides the technician during structural realignment (where allowed by the OEM), and along with the strategic holding in place, ensures only the damaged areas move. When structural repairs are completed, document the work with the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 software.

Regarding electronics, now, even a small front bumper job could involve misaligned sensor mounting locations. The sensor mounting locations are critical to accurate data being sent to various safety modules within the vehicle. Holding and database-connected measuring equipment along with welding and riveting equipment ensures customers do not need to use outdated repair methods on new, highly technical vehicles.

There are many excuses not to set up and measure. With the right equipment and technology, there are no more excuses.

Along with measuring as previously noted, the Car-O-Liner EVO fixturing system allows you to repair structural damage in today’s vehicles faster, more safely and according to OEM procedures — all while increasing profits. While other systems require dedicated anchoring, the Car-O-Liner EVO system offers a universal set of tools to repair vehicles with ease.

EVO 1 and 2 include all the specific parts for anchoring a vehicle to the bench and holding for proper energy distribution. EVO 1 is for basic anchoring, holding and side support during repair. It includes three towers, clamps, a track plate, adapters with bushings, a chain holder with a down pull wheel, a turnbuckle, anchors and supports. EVO 2 is for advanced anchoring and holding and comes with two additional towers and track plates, special tools for rear axle bracket, torque bar extensions and adjustable holders. EVO 3 is made to hold new parts in place while welding and bonding and includes adjustable fixture heads, lockable universal joints, lock handle, all-purpose mini clamp for frame rails, inner fenders and strut towers.

Each EVO system is versatile and requires minimal tool storage while providing maximum repair capabilities — and Car-O-Liner offers the perfect working storage solution to keep everything in its place. Magnetic tool mats feature custom outlines with part numbers to keep your inventory controlled, your shop clean and your techs more productive. Fit EVO in any space with the choice between wall-mounted tool boards or mobile tool carts. Combine EVO with the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 for precise measuring and a detailed repair guide from start to finish.

EVO provides the perfect support during the entire repair process, from anchoring to welding, bonding or riveting, to reduce cycle time and maximize performance, expanding your shop’s repair capabilities.

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