Subaru Selects Certified Collision Care as Exclusive Partner

Subaru Selects Certified Collision Care as Exclusive Partner

The program will identify, certify and promote dealership and independent facilities as collision repair providers of choice to Subaru drivers across Canada.

Subaru Canada, Inc. has selected Certified Collision Care, the Canadian division of Assured Performance Network, as their exclusive strategic partner to administer and manage the new Subaru Certified Collision Center Program when it launches in early September 2021. The program will identify, certify and promote dealership and independent facilities as collision repair providers of choice to Subaru drivers across Canada.

All existing Certified Collision Care providers will have the opportunity to add these credentials to their businesses, provided they are sponsored by their Subaru dealer and can meet the Subaru certification requirements. There is no additional enrollment fee for Certified Collision Care providers to apply to the Subaru Certified Collision Center program. Program information will be available at when it launches in September 2021.

The Subaru Certified Collision Center program was created to promote certified collision repair facilities to Subaru customers and insurers. The program will ensure facilities have the tools, equipment, training, facilities and processes necessary to repair Subaru vehicles according to manufacturer specifications. These factors are essential to the vehicle’s fit, finish, durability, functionality, value and safety. Drivers across Canada will have the ability to choose a Certified Collision Repair Center that meets Subaru requirements. This is particularly important considering where and how a vehicle is repaired can have a substantial impact on its final appearance, performance, structural integrity and onboard technologies that are designed to help keep Subaru drivers safe.

Certified shops will become eligible to order Subaru Certified Collision Center Program signage, as well as gain access to marketing tools. This includes a listing on a consumer-facing online shop locator on the Subaru website, as part of the integrated Certified Collision Care program. This strategic partnership further reinforces the business strategy and slogan of the joint-effort certification program: “Certified Once, Recognized by Many.”

“Our new partnership with Certified Collision Care reinforces Subaru Canada’s dedication to providing the highest quality service and repair for all Subaru customers,” said Floyd Jones, vice president, After Sales, I.T. & Business Services, Academy & Customer Experience. “We are also pleased that it provides the Canadian Subaru dealer network another valuable tool to deliver on commitments to their customers throughout the ownership lifecycle.”

Added Assured Performance/Certified Collision Care Vice President Leanne Jefferies, “It’s a very exciting time as we launch the Subaru Certified Collision Center program. Our team will work closely with Subaru Canada as we manage and administer the program as part of our joint-effort certification program. Adding Subaru Certified credentials to the Certified Collision Care program provides top-performing collision repairers with an effective means to differentiate themselves in their market by aligning with the most powerful brands in the automotive industry.”

Subaru will be an integral strategic partner leveraging the joint-effort collision repair center certification services, infrastructure and turnkey program offered by Certified Collision Care. By leveraging the existing certification process, they eliminate redundant costs, making certification more affordable for their dealerships and independently owned repair businesses that can meet set requirements.

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