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Tsunami Introduces CORE Series Desiccant Dryer

This manual-change desiccant air dryer is available for pre-order with an August 2023 launch.

Tsunami Announces Four New Products for 2023

Tsunami’s new products expand on the existing Pure Series Dryer line.

Suburban Breaks Ground on 20,000-Square-Foot Expansion

Suburban Manufacturing Group announced it broke ground on Sept. 28 for the company’s new 21,400-square-foot expansion.

Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters Now Offered in 300 and 600 CFM

Tsunami oil coalescing filters deliver high-grade compressed air and protect critical equipment from oil aerosols and particulates.

The Solution to Battling Your Shops Poor Air Supply

The effects humidity, oil, and contaminants in your compressed air system have on the quality of your paint job is often overlooked. Over half of all paint finish issues can be attributed to the quality of your compressed air. How can you tell? Low gloss, hazing, cratering, dye back, and fish eye; these are very

VIDEO: Clean Compressed Air for Perfect Paint Jobs

The importance of ensuring a clean compressed air supply to produce professional refinish jobs.

Tsunami Launches New Portable Air Dryer

With its lightweight design and handle attachment, the Portable Pure-5T offers ultimate portability.

Tsunami Launches Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami’s Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer provides an all-in-one solution for dust collector systems by providing clean, dry air necessary for greater pulse performance.

Suburban Manufacturing Operational During Coronavirus

Suburban Manufacturing Group, makers of Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions and more, announced that it remains fully operational and plans to ship products as scheduled despite the coronavirus epidemic.

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Introduces 5-hp Air Dryer

The regenerative dryer assures a consistent supply of ultra clean and dry compressed air.

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions Introduces Pure-10 Regenerative Dryers

The Pure-10 Regenerative Dryers provide similar benefits to Tsunami’s standard Ultra dryers at a reduced cost.

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions’ Water Separator

The cutting-edge technology of Tsunami Filters is rigorously tested to outperform expectations regardless of the industry or application.