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Take Care of Your Tools and They’ll Take Care of You!

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As a young apprentice, Zach had always been fascinated by how auto glass is essential to customers’ safety in their vehicles. Within that fascination grew the desire to learn how to properly remove and install auto glass to keep his customers safe. In the process of learning the trade, one thing that he didn’t quite understand, was the importance of taking care of his tools.

Zach was working on an older car one day, and his Ambush™ power tool suddenly broke. He had been using it for a few years now, and it had always been a reliable tool. But now Zach was confronted with the hard lesson that neglecting to sharpen the blade or inspect the sheath to see if it needed grease after each use was teaching him. He was left with a broken tool and stuck on a mobile job with the windshield halfway cut out of the car that he couldn’t finish.

That’s when Zach realized the importance of preventive maintenance. Since that day, he started to take better care of his tools, sharpening the blades and cleaning them after each use. Doing this quick task at the end of his job saved him so much time during the removal process, money spent on always replacing blades and sheaths, and downtime due to sending his tool in for repair. Zach also discovered that properly storing his tools prevents needless wear and tear when not in use.

Since that valuable lesson, the money he saved on tool repair and replacements, he could reinvest in promoting his business and tool upgrades that help him work smarter, not harder. Upgrading his tools, when possible, saved him even more money in the long run.

Zach was amazed at how much easier his work became when he had the right tools. He no longer struggled during removals with dull blades, or a bogged-down tool. By eliminating the stress of tools breaking down, he saved time by not frequently going to his local distributor to get replacement tools and blades or waiting for his online order to arrive. Instead, he was able to complete his jobs quickly and efficiently, which left him with more time to focus on other things like growing his business.

Zach shared this effective habit with other apprentices as he continued to hone his craft. He taught them the importance of preventive maintenance and upgrading their tools when necessary. He explained how taking care of their tools could save them money on equipment replacements and labor, which is essential for anyone starting in the auto glass.

Years later, Zach became a certified master technician. He had built a thriving business and an amazing reputation for doing his jobs properly and ensuring his customers’ safety. But he remembered the lesson he had learned as a young apprentice. He always cared for his tools, knowing they would take care of him in return.

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